Wednesday Eu-Mak: Mila’s Edition


Yeoreobun! Happy Wednesday! It’s been snowing again… And boy I’m so happy coz it’s pretty when it is snowing but not when it stop! Anyway, I received something fun in the mail this week. Mila from the Milady’s Stuff (yes, the blog is in French and no, I don’t speak the language but bonjour and merci) wrote me a 10-page letter of her favorite playlist! I spent my whole Monday at work listening to her playlist and reading her lovely, lovely letter. I could tell how happy she was just from reading her letter. Now that’s my friend… a true and passionate fangirl pouring all her love onto kpop and sharing it with moi! Hey, that’s French for me! *laughs* 


Mila listed 20 fabulous songs in her playlist. Some I’ve heard of, some are not. And some I don’t even know the singer exists. And that singer is Lee Hyun! Who is this person? How come I don’t know him? So of course I had to google him and found out that he’s the leader of co-ed group, 8Eight. Lee Hyun himself released a solo album back in 2009. Currently, he is serving his mandatory military service for 21 months and he will be done this summer. At the mean time, I’m going to absorb all his awesomeness until he release his next album. You just have to listen to his voice! And his songs are incredible! Very ballady and jazzy! I can’t express how surprised I was when I heard his voice! My god, where did this angel come from?

So the very first song on her playlist is Lee Hyun’s Because It’s You. This song is off the chart! It was love at first hearing! My heart beats like there’s no tomorrow. The song is just beautiful. Am I not clear enough??? There is something about his voice too! So soulful, so clear, so velvetty… I’m in love! LOVE! If I could make out with his voice, I would! Urgh… so talented! He is now next in the same line with Huh Gak, in my humble opinion! Oh gawd oh gawd I can’t breathe! Yeah, this is what good song and good voice do to me!

And the next song is also by Lee Hyun and it is called You’re The Best of My Life. This song is not on Mila’s playlist but she special mentioned this song when she introduced the first song. So of course I had to listen it after Because It’s You. Sure enough, another winner! Mila, you’re awesome! The song is wonderful! I have reached the heaven, literally! I can touch the sky! Great, great song! And the voice! Again, he’s ripping my heart and soul with that voice! Ballad is my thing y’all and Lee Hyun has it in his voice! And the way he sing it… I believe in him immediately! Wow!


By now you can tell how much I love Lee Hyun, my new found angel! And of course, I can’t stop here! Hell to the NO! I had to search for more of his songs and now, back to falling head over heel with another song! This one is Although You Said So, a collab with Mighty Mouth. AAAAAAAH-MAAZING! I don’t care anymore… I must have all his songs! I’ve never fallen so hard with such amazing voice since MBLAQ’s GO. And this is huge! Of course, GO is still my #1! But just listen to his voice! That smooth, velvetty voice! Oh my, it is so perfect! I can’t even do anything now… My hands are cold, my heart is screaming his name!

Must I stop? MUST I????? I can’t I can’t! I’m unstoppable now! I promise, this is the last song. It is called Unsophisticated. Sheesh what a title coz the song is sooooo sophisticated. I wish I understand the lyrics. Seriously, the voice! Aaaaaghh I can’t quit not liking his voice. Too in love!

Ok, I’m done. Thanks Mila again for introducing me to Lee Hyun. I’m his fan now! Mila, your playlist is amazeballs! I love it! Yeoreobun, I’m so happy to share these songs with you. And most of all, happy to share my new found angel! I’m blown away… ARE YOU? Ok, until then… see y’all next week!


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Mila’s Edition

  1. You JUST discovered Lee Hyun?! How is that possible you didn’t know of his existence? Although…I probably found him thanks to my love of watching Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2. He and Changmin of 2AM have a collaboration unit. If you haven’t discovered that yet, you should definitely check it out. They debuted with “Still Eating Well” and then they did another project…but I can’t remember the name of the song. All good, their voices compliment one another. I remember on Immortal Songs 2 when they were doing a duet project to decide the order of the competition, Lee Hyun teamed up with contestant Changmin who said that Hyun has TONS of experience singing backup vocals. Really? He did backup vocals for years? With that voice of his? Sad. But some of the greatest singers get started as backup vocalists for some reason. 😛


    • I JUST discovered Lee Hyun! I found so many MVs of him on YouTube! *happy dance* I’m glad he no longer the backup singer he once was. The voice NeeNee, I keep telling my heart to be still! Goodness I love his voice!


  2. Haha. I am glad you’ve discovered Lee Hyun. On one of my first playlists for my blog I added his “Because It’s You” to my “addiction playlist”. When I first heard it, I couldn’t stop playing it over and over and over and over again. And also watching that MV because it’s so mesmerizing. He’s just great!


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