Currently Watching: I Need Romance 3


Clearly I need romance myself *sigh*. My husband has been busy and… pfh, let’s forget it. I might use this post as venting purpose more so than reviewing this drama. Big no no! Let’s move on to romance. You know we all need romance. I need it desperately… I’m sure you ARE too! But for some reason, I don’t get as much as I had hoped for from I Need Romance 3. As much as the title said so, I’m not feeling it *shrugs*. No, no… Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to steer you away from this show. But there are pros and cons I found ever since I started watching it. I am feeling rather disappointed… Or maybe I expected too much *sigh*


The concept of INR3 however is super chic. AKorAmerica described it as the Asian version of Gilmore Girls. He said the female characters speak way too fast *laughs* but I think otherwise. I actually love the concept of this drama. Girly, chic, fashionable, hip and all things colorful… I’m sold! The story line however? Not too shabby I think… It is almost as predictable as the other two. ALMOST. And this is where the disappointment part rolling in to be honest. The characters started strong, very feminine, confidence and great personality. Later on, slowly the women started to develop into needy, utterly dependable and weak. I know I know, it is just part of the game of fishing the best partner in romance world, but I still think it was a little demoralizing. *shrugs* Yeah, that’s my only beef. Other than that, I’m cool.


If you remember I Need Romance and I Need Romance 2 (which I love!), the messes and tangles between characters continue to be expected as well in this third installment. But I’m glad they are independent story lines. However, this third installment is way catty than the previous two. The women are more bitchy, feisty and classy too! The OTP is adorable. I especially adore Sung Joon to my spinal bone! He’s handsome, gentleman, warm, cuddly, and the kisses… Oh *flips hair* the kisses were fantastic! But let me tell you the not so rosy part about the OTP… Though they are adorable together, I do not feel  the chemistry at all. Sung Joon? Yes! Kim So Yeon? No. I’m not trying to compare them with the previous OTPs but the feeling is just not there. Listen to me, the first installment was hot! The chemistry, the makeout scene, the romance. They were inseparable together and I love the fact that they don’t want to let each other go. The second one was still hot. The physical chemistry was great! The eye contact, the body language… Urgh, I want to be part of that triangle love! This one? One sided hot! I just feel that Sung Joon and Kim So Yeon are not compatible. Physical chemistry is nearly zero. Sung Joon can make out with anyone and still looks good. But not with her. You can feel her resistance with Sung Joon and Nam Goong Min. It’s a turn off for me. There is no excitement. Dead.  This is just my opinion by the way… *ducks from sasaeng fans*


So what is the story about? This 16 episodes drama told a story of a young songwriter (Allen) who returns to his homeland and in search of his first love. So who is she (Shing Shing)? She’s a home network shopping marketing director who felt true love is officially overstatement after finally understood that love continues to be cruel to her. There you go, peeps… simple story as that. Of course, there are third and fourth party knots. On top of theirs, we also get love stories from Shing Shing’s colleagues. Nothing special. But let me tell you about the OST! I freaking love it! They use English and French songs on top of native songs. And also, my boy MBLAQ GO lend his voice for the soundtrack. Yay! I’m so happy for him. Okay, end of my excitement. If you decided to watch, go for it. Don’t put too much expectation like I did… But if this is your first time watching INR installment, you will like it a lot! It’s for you  romance seeker out there but for me, I watch it for Sung Joon. That’s all. And please enjoy the song *beams* 


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