Currently Watching: Can We Love


I never intended to watch Can We Love. When I saw the drama poster, my brain associate it with Christmas. I’m not a fan of such “Christmas style” drama… Too family and mushy mushy. *sigh* The style is not my cup of tea but when I heard so many great reviews, I couldn’t help but sticking my nose out a little more. I observed my twitter room until I heard someone said it’s daebak! Yup, that’s when I decided I should not waste my time asking but start investing my time on it. This 20 episode drama reminded me of A Gentleman’s Dignity except that in here, it’s from women’s perspective. And plus the casts are in the mid 30s and above, I figured why not stop being biased and see what Can We Love has to offer.

can we love

As I said before, the casts are in mid 30s or we called it at prime time age *snickers* But being in this age, it doesn’t mean they will be acting very maturely. I know for the fact that I don’t act my age. Hey, but I’m an exception case *wink*. I’m young at heart *giggles*. Amuden, the casts. The men. Well… Where should I start? They are not the flower boys. Period. Let’s stop right there. And the women? They’re fine. I like Eugene. She’s pretty and sort of the female star in this drama. By the way, Can We Love is based on 2007 novel titled Mother Needs A Man *snickers* 


This family drama surprised me though. I always thought family dramas are reserved for the weekend. But since this is a jTBC (a paid channel) drama production, I guess they can do whatever they want. Can We Love tells a story of 3 BFFs who lead three different lifestyles. A divorcee, a spinster and a married one. Jung Wan divorced her husband and raised her only child with her mom. Bouncing from one job to another as a drama writer, she suddenly found love with Oh Kyung Soo, the PD she’s working with. Sun Mi, a successful interior designer bounced from one relationship to another only to be caught falling for her employee, Choi Yoon Suk, who is 10 years younger than her. Ji Hyun, the “almost” perfect housewife in the eyes of her BFFs and others, struggled in balancing her previous and current life with her so-called “perfect” husband and her two-faced mother in law. Their lives (as always) intermingle with one another and certainly affected their friendship. What I love about this show is to watch it from female perspective rather than the men’s. I feel like I can relate to each one to a certain degree… You know, a woman-to-woman feel *grins*

can we love

Would I recommend this 20 episode drama? I don’t know. I got tired by episode 14 and I’m at episode 18 now. When I started watching CWL, it was very fascinating to watch the ladies. I enjoyed it for the most part but later on, it got pretty draggy and I’m tired of this back and forth problems and issues. For a mature cast, I expect the problems got resolved fast! What the hell… I guess this is just an okay drama after all. Nothing to rave about… Moving on, next drama please!



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