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Hey, who doesn’t like pageant? I do! I used to spend hours of my precious teenage time watching Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss USA and Miss America. Oh hey, please don’t ask me the differences of these pageants… Who cares about that, as long as I get to admire beautiful ladies around the world, that’s all that matters to me. I enjoy watching the swimming suit part mostly because of their long legs *hangs head down* I wish my legs are as long as theirs. *sigh* Anyway, back to Miss Korea! Can I say how I love this show so very, very much? I do! I do! I can’t believe it! When I thought this story would be about exploiting female body in general, it isn’t! I must say there is a lot of great messages coming out of this show. Superb superb superb!


Let me emphasize to you all. I’ve seen so many kdramas but this one really stands out in the crowd of 2013 dramas. The uniqueness of Miss Korea is out of this world. It is THE most realistic drama to date! Shall I repeat that again? THE MOST REALISTIC DRAMA TO DATE! The perspective from each character in this drama is very believable, in my humble opinion. The show made me laugh, cry, angry yet happy as well. I cheer for each character in this show, believe it or not. Miss Korea did something very well and I applaud MBC for airing such bold drama. It is very unconventional and the overview of this show is wonderful. It has all the elements I want in  a drama. Very ambitious, very aggressive, very down-to-earth, very determined to do it all kind of drama. Impressive, that’s all I can sum it up. What’s more, the OTP is great! I love Lee Yeon Hee but I have never seen her being this strong in any of her drama until now. Wow! She has changed big time!  She certainly look stronger than I last saw her in Ghost. Yes, I like her improvement. Good job, girl! *claps* And who doesn’t love Lee Sun Gyun oppa? Seriously, whatever he touches, it turns to gold! And Miss Korea is officially GOLD!


So what is Miss Korea is all about? Despite the title, this show is not just about the pageant. No no no! It has a lot more to offer than pageant so don’t let your mind trick into thinking it is only pageant even though it plays a major part of it. Miss Korea, sets in the year 1997, tells a story of a struggling cosmetic company called Vivi Cosmetic. Their financial woes forced them to seek new alternative to get them out of their hell hole. They do have a great product they are working on (BB Cream) but the words got out before it is ready and many other cosmetic companies are trying to get hold of this “perfect” formula. Knowing that Vivi is underwater, they are constantly getting harassed. In order to save the company on their own, the president Kim Hyung Joon decided to make Oh Ji-Young, the most beautiful girl back in his high school time, to be the next Miss Korea and a spokesperson for his makeup brand. The road to their first victory is tough for both Kim Hyung Joon and Oh Ji Young. It is not as easy as they think. So many obstacles and challenges they both and the rest of Vivi crew had to face. But I tell you what, the sense of accomplishment in this show is great! Hooray!


If I were you, I will drop every show on the list and just focus on Miss Korea. And that’s what I’m planning to do once this post got posted. I’m currently on episode 16, 4 episodes to go. Now, just a warning to you… This show is very deep. I mean real deep but not philosophical deep. It’s not lovey dovey kind of drama. Miss Korea is a drama about life. The struggling part of life that got me deeper with this one. I highly recommend this show. And it is so rare to see strong female lead characters like Oh Ji Young. For once, I see a light and it is through Miss Korea. I love it! Please watch it. You will not be disappointed. NOT AT ALL.



10 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Miss Korea

  1. I just have to say I love you raving about this show! Ji Young is my heroine! What a strong female character! I just love this show to pieces! Great review Miss Nelly, and I agree with everything said here


    • Thank you so much! She IS great! And i finally saw how she confronted her department store manager Park (that darn pervert asshat!). It was the best confrontation I’ve seen in years! Very adult way to shove his azz to the corner!

      Thanks for liking my post and for the RT on Twitter. This is one of a few great 2013 dramas I’ve seen.


  2. I still have to finish this drama but I thought it was good and refreshing. I thought it had a really good cast too. I like that it had quite a few people from the drama pasta.


      • There was the teacher Jung (actor Lee Sung-Min) who was trying to collect the money. He played the manager that got demoted in pasta. Then there was Choi Jae-Hwan (playing Kim kang-woo from the lab in Miss Korea) who was the dishwasher boy in pasta. Last there was jo Sang-ki who played Kim Kang-Sik in miss Korea. He was the guy dating the pasta chef that got fired in pasta. I can’t remember if he grilled meat or vegetables, but he trades spots with Gong Hyo-gin on the pasta line.


        • Ok Zhaol, this call for rewatch! I’m so bad with my memory. Seen too many things and it’s all jumble up in my head like a good salsa! Now that you mentioned it, I remember all but Jo Sang-Ki’s part. Thanks for bringing back great memory of these fabulous people.


  3. I completely agree with everything you wrote about Miss Korea. This drama offers so much and I keep finding things I love about it. It’s such a shame this gem got so lost in the frenzy of other dramas airing at the same time. Lee Sun Kyun is truly gold!


    • It is unfortunate Miss Korea had to compete with other dramas… This drama could win in an award show for substance, not popularity. Glad you agreed with me as well. Sun Kyun oppa is definitely a gold star actor!


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