Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 14


Sorry, real life took over me but are you all excited for this episode as much as we are? It was a little cliffhanger at the end of episode 13 and it left us breathless! Who was following 805? Was it the laundry ahjusshi? Kim attorney? Or the cutie delivery boy? I suspect the writer will be bringing in another person, completely unrelated, as the stalker. What do you think? I know I know, let’s just watch it… I’m excited to find out myself!

Episode 14


Laurie ADgirl: Ok, I am at 1:05. Play!

My Myooz: *thumbs up* She was in rush. The laundry guy does look suspicious. Hah! Not him after the call.

Laurie ADgirl: Yes, he does. Not the laundry guy… phew.

My Myooz: Now that looks like Kim!!! *gasp* Not Kim!



Laurie ADgirl: With all the things going on and as suspicious as she always is, you would think she would take someone with her, to meet a stranger.

My Myooz:Not delivery boy too! I know! See? I told you Laurie they’ll bring another person into this mess.

Laurie ADgirl: Shit!


My Myooz: I don’t understand why is he chasing after 805?


Laurie ADgirl: Me either!

My Myooz: Hahaha don’t you need to wait 24 hours to report a missing person? Good move for calling Kim! It  is the only way to trace her. How did  she remember his deongsaeng?



Laurie ADgirl: I still do not get why she would blindly follow someone. She would not do that with 806. She was too suspiscios.


My Myooz: Hmmmm new found confident? Lol She’s one skeptical woman. Well she was now… How in the world he has 806 trophy? Geez just climb up the fence!


Laurie ADgirl: Never broke it smashing the girls on the head?

My Myooz: He’s a total psycho. What taste? What smell? Oh gosh 806!


Laurie ADgirl: He is a nut job for sure.


My Myooz: Who’s dead? Omo! Did he cry?


Laurie ADgirl: I jumped when he got hit!

My Myooz: I know. I was worried.

Laurie ADgirl: It was a set up! Phew!


My Myooz: Wait! How did he get arrested? Yay! Her skeptical and curiosity pays off!

Laurie ADgirl: I have one thing to ask about the Psycho… was he not the guy who tried to date Oh Ha Ni on PK and she tried to make BSJ jealous with?

My Myooz: Whoa whoa whoa. 806 is really concern with 805 well being!


Laurie ADgirl: So she was smart enough and she set him up. YAY!

My Myooz: No no no. That’s Lee Tae Sung playing Bong Joon Gu. Yeah. Our boy is injured *cries*  What? Lol Aigoo aigoo he’s being cute!



Laurie ADgirl: Love how he gets her to sign his cast *giggles*


My Myooz: His face turned sour when Kim walked in though…

Laurie ADgirl: Poor Kim! I feel so bad for him now.


My Myooz: Awwww not good for Kim now. Food madness again!

Laurie ADgirl: Coal BBQ, my favorite!

My Myooz: Coal briquette? First time hearing it. What is it?


Laurie ADgirl: They use charcoal rather than propane. Same as a BBQ but the flavor with charcoal , to me, is so much better. Ugh! Viki froze on me, had to try again.

My Myooz: I’d think charcoal is flavorful. Oooh Viki *facepalm*

Laurie ADgirl: Waiting to kick in, mmmmm!  *punches air * at viki

My Myooz: Viki gave me a hard time last night too. Couldn’t watch Miss Korea.

Laurie ADgirl: *red face* I could scream!


My Myooz: Yours is? Lol

Laurie ADgirl: Yes, my face! Play!

My Myooz: Hahaha, you’re too funny! Is that pork?


Laurie ADgirl: Yes it is. Looks like pork belly

My Myooz: Good thing his left arm that got injured and not his  right arm.

Laurie ADgirl: Look, he watch her eat.


My Myooz: Awww he stop chewing just to look at her!

Laurie ADgirl: It’s love *throws confetti*

My Myooz: Definitely love! Uh oh 804 and her dream to feed a man food now… Lactu what????



Laurie ADgirl: Not sure have to look again with recaps. I love her (805) jealous face though.


My Myooz: But what is the reason he attack those women? Kimmmmmmmmm!

Laurie ADgirl: Also her face when he shoves the lettuce in her mouth!


My Myooz: That was cute! I feel bad for Kim… *pouts*

Laurie ADgirl: The stalker thought she saw his face.


My Myooz: That’s it, right? Nothing more, right? She rearranged her bed back to where it was before. It’s the beginning of the beginning of looooooove!

Laurie ADgirl: SWOON!!!!

My Myooz: Love that they KaTalk each other. She met the wrong husband lol you bet she did!


Laurie ADgirl: It is sweet.


My Myooz: *gasp* Don’t tell me she fell asleep talking to him! OMG BFF is right. Just like we thought so too.

Laurie ADgirl: Love the tears.


My Myooz: Me too! Oh gawd she’s right. 805 needs to move out. Madam auntie? Lol



Laurie ADgirl: The little guy is cute.

My Myooz: We know his sole purpose *laughs*

Laurie ADgirl: Of course she can’t move, he would never see 804.


My Myooz: And she wouldn’t move because of 806! Look at Oh! This Oh! I’m getting really annoyed with her *facepalm*


Laurie ADgirl: Me too. You would think as a lawyer she would be a strong independent woman. It is something you would think 804 would be more like

My Myooz: Exactly. Highly educated attorney vs a university student. She said “I grew up delicately!” Perghhh I’ve had enough of her. She annoyed me. She’s definitely crazy! Awwwwww Ox bone soup for him *bat lashes*. So sweeeeeeeet! Kim is totally depressed *pouts*


Laurie ADgirl: Oh maybe annoying but her lines are great. I love the way he stopped at the smell of the soup


My Myooz: Right? He got good sense of smell! Kim. I feel sad for him.

Laurie ADgirl: Poor Kim. So lost trying to do the right thing and let her go. He gets caught!

My Myooz: Yup. Ooooh look at her! Delivery boy quit? *scratches head* Wae?


Laurie ADgirl: 804 is alone again *pouts* Were they working as a team? Then again they only needed him to throw us off.


My Myooz: Jaemi eopseo! No fun. He has a beef with 804. I think now that he found out 804’s mom is in States, he went back home to tell on his parents… These two my god! They are both wrong!!! So typical office gossip!


Laurie ADgirl: He might have. He was just after info. Poor girl… *sigh*

My Myooz: That’s my feeling. He opened her package, remember? What… Ashamed because he was the one encouraging her to see the “victim”? Aish. He could just say sorry.


Laurie ADgirl: Yes he was.

My Myooz: Aaaaaaa she remembers him now.


Laurie ADgirl: I am so far behind right now.

My Myooz: I’m at 42:58

Laurie ADgirl: Stupid thing crashed again so switching to viki on the pc. It’s getting so I cannot really enjoy it. I am still enjoying it but not to what I would if it would stop crashing! Grrrr

My Myooz: I know how it feels. Where can you watch ads free? I know! GoodDrama!

Laurie ADgirl: Maybe…

My Myooz: I’m at 42:58

Laurie ADgirl: 39:30. If only it could just stop playing 50 million ads!

My Myooz: Urgh

Laurie ADgirl: Kim is feeling guilty…

My Myooz: He shouldn’t!

Laurie ADgirl: He shouldn’t

My Myooz: But I know why he feels that way.

Laurie ADgirl: She remembers the pin! *jumping in joy!

My Myooz: I know. I’m excited. He’s excited too now. His face lit up a bit! He should have not run away when he gave her the hair pin.

Laurie ADgirl: No he should not have… *shaking head*

My Myooz: They could have worked out. Ai. Here it comes! The rejection!

Laurie ADgirl: Yes they could have… One of the sweetest rejections I have heard.


My Myooz: Yeah yeah. Very calm. Very warm. Goo Daegi lol

Laurie ADgirl: Love the dry cleaner ahjusshi! Go on a date! *ROFL*


My Myooz: But why is he denying it?

Laurie ADgirl: He is not sure maybe? *shrug*

My Myooz: Squeeeeeeee! Nice trick! Ooooo 804 is not at home.

Laurie ADgirl: IT was and now an unofficial date! *clapping hands* SQUEE!

My Myooz: Yum.

Laurie ADgirl: From our spoiler!

My Myooz: Yes yes yes!

Laurie ADgirl: SSSSQQQQUUUEEE! Good and spicy!



My Myooz: I want that!

Laurie ADgirl: Suju!

My Myooz: Love the way she giggles with food. What is he eyeing?


Laurie ADgirl: 804 is going to see them kiss I bet.

My Myooz: Ooooooh she wouldn’t let him drink! Omo!


Laurie ADgirl: WHAT?? Delivery guy is a bad guy! Ack!


My Myooz: Aaaaaaaaack! Which delivery guy?

Laurie ADgirl: The young one!

My Myooz: Is this it? Aaaaaaaaaaaaa!


Laurie ADgirl: I was only speculating 804 would see the kiss *snickers*


My Myooz: You’re right! She saw it! Whoa! That was one awesome forceful kiss! Ooooh my heart! Preview! It’s not the end yet! Wow! Delivery boy is no good ! You there?

Laurie ADgirl: Yes had to switch from laptop back to tablet. No matter how bad 804 becomes, I totally feel for her. Lost, alone, and no one to confide in. Not fully understanding life

My Myooz: She can’t be bad. Maybe thinking 805 stole her thunder.

Laurie ADgirl: I think in the end she will still be good and be happy for 805 and 806.

My Myooz: I hope so. It is unlike of her to be angry. Once 806 talk to her, she will be ok.

Laurie ADgirl: Hurt but not angry. I think 805 will be the one to save her from Delivery boy.

My Myooz: How?

Laurie ADgirl: Can I say I am heartbroken that he is bad? *sniff*

My Myooz: I am bummed tbh

Laurie ADgirl: Not sure about that theory, yet. It may be the one thing to have her friend them again…

My Myooz: But I don’t know he would push her to the corner like that… It’s not her fault.

Laurie ADgirl: No but how do you make her family suffer, or bring them back to pay for their crimes? You take her out. He may manipulate everything so she jumps.

My Myooz: But what good he will get if she’s dead?

Laurie ADgirl: They come back for her funeral, they suffer from the total loss of her. However, back to my squee moment! Love love love that kiss!

My Myooz: Me too me too!

Laurie ADgirl: The moment is leading up to it..

My Myooz: Yes.

Laurie ADgirl: Hands to cheek big smile!

My Myooz: Just so happened her mouth is all out there. Thanks to the spicy food *giggles*

Laurie ADgirl: Yes! Just what we wanted.

My Myooz: Yes yes yes

Laurie ADgirl: Really added to the heat! *fanning self*

My Myooz: Hahahaha

Laurie ADgirl: While I love to chat, I have to now run and get some things at the store for dinner, and get laundry done. Real life calls!

My Myooz: Same here. Time to do real life work again.

Laurie ADgirl: Bye


Oh my, how awesome was this episode, eh? The stalker is finally caught! But there was no explanation to why he did it… Or did I miss it? And who goes around town with a dead person in a trunk? Only a psycho would do that. We also get to see, as Laurie described it, the most sweetest rejection we have ever witnessed in kdrama history. There was no argument there… All 805 asked of Kim was a simple understanding that she is just not into him. Now that’s another mature point the writer has taken us in Let’s Eat. Seriously, can this show be any better? Before you know, it keeps making you think why can’t other dramas be as good as this one?

Of course, I can’t leave without talking about the KISS! How awesome was that? Goo Dae Young-shi, that was very smooooooooth of you to do that! Smooooooooth! WE LIKE!!! Noonas approve *thumbs up*! Can we get more of this cuteness on the next episode?


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