Wednesday Eu-Mak: Happy


Hey y’all! It’s Wednesday! I’m very happy! Are you all happy? *smiles* This video sums up how I feel now!

No, no… nothing special. I’m just happy. Happy of my memory with my late dad especially… Anyways, I hope you are all happy! And another reason to be happy? My girls SNSD’s and 2NE1’s new songs!!!! I’ve been waiting for their new songs, esp by 2NE1, like forever! And now that they are back in the spotlight, I can’t help sharing my happiness with my followers and readers. I’m pretty sure some of you have been listening to their songs madly by now! *me me me* *waves both hands in the air*

My Girls’s Generation, aka SNSD, dropped Mr.Mr. on February 28. When I heard the title, I was so intrigued. I’m their biggest fan! I love all their songs. They never failed to disappoint their fans and their clean image is what I love the most. And Mr.Mr. is so awesome. It is so catchy yet sweet! I love this song! They girls are looking hotter, sexier, more sultry, womanly yet mature! Neomu joa! In overall, they definitely improved a lot and their vocals are stronger than ever. This is a dance song so you totally can, and if you want to, dance to it. The beat of this song definitely sounds similar though. I suspect it was written by the same musician for their other songs too. It’s SNSD’s trademark! One thing I dislike is that the vocal is stronger and louder whereas the music is a little on the softer side. Maybe SMTown wants to emphasize their fabulous vocal… who knows, right? *shrugs* Or maybe something is wrong with my  hearing? But it doesn’t matter! What’s important is the song and you are as HAPPY as I am. Let’s dance!


The next song is my favorite and it’s from 2NE1’s latest album called Come Back Home. The song was released on March 2. Yes, fresh off the oven! And all I can say is Wow! Welcome back, girls!!! I must say it is worth waiting for their comeback! My girlfriends, kpopkolorado and Zombie Momma discusssed together and how much we love, love, love this song! You can find our discussion here. The music is awesome! Their vocal is as strong as I remembered them in their last album (pst that was nearly 4 years ago!). I’m not a big fan of futuristic MV. I find it confusing. Sorry… but it doesn’t stop me from watching it though *wink* I love the song so I can bypass the sci-fi MV element! And a big plus to Come Back Home because this song has a little bit of reggae, hip hop, rock and ballad in it! Gosh I love it! What a fabulous, fabulous song! The tune is catchy as well. And the rapping part? It reminded me of GD. The girls are looking hotter as well! Compare to SNSD, 2NE1 girls are looking more rebellious than ever and that’s what I like about them! They are ready to kick ass and I’m ready to be kicked by them! Bring it!


I hope you are H.A.P.P.Y with my choice of MVs for this week! Well, I am… The girls rock! See you next week! Until then… keep listening to great music because your soul deserves it! *wink*



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Happy

  1. Heh, I’ve been listening to that Pharrell tune for a while now, mostly when I’m trying to perk myself up. It works!

    You’re a SNSD fan?? Fancy that, I never thought you’d like them for some reason! I really do like both Soshi and 2NE1’s comeback albums! But as for the singles, I much prefer Come Back Home though. It’s a pretty great mash-up of genres, and I so agree that the gals are looking super duper fabulous in that MV.


      • I’m so-so, but I do think Gee is a fantastic k-pop tune, a classic, and I like some of their Japanese releases. Plus I lurve Hyohyeon’s dancing!! 2NE1 is more interesting to me as a group (and Minzy’s dance skills are CRAZY!! I wish she’d get more of the spotlight). But on the whole, I enjoyed both of these mini albums, different flavours but both have elements I like.


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