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Never in my life I would start watching Thai drama. I’ve heard many funky things about lakorn, as they referred to Thai television soap opera. I heard that many of their story plots are involving women allowing their men (supposedly husband or boyfriend) to abuse them (not sure physically, mentally, verbally or all) for love. *shudders* Ok, I can’t support this kind of love. To me, this isn’t love. I wouldn’t let any man abuse me just to show my love. Urgh, this is just wrong. Let’s hope this is untrue. But I heard many good things from this drama that I simply can’t resist anymore. Yeah, on top of my mount of my watch list, I added Full House Thai. Yeap, me! I’m crazy!


Full House Thai  is a remake of the Korean version Full House. When I started, my thought was they probably will not follow the story very closely. Hah! I spoke too soon. This drama is nearly 100% copy cat of the original one and I must say it’s GREAT! Wait, let me say it again… Better than the original one! A little twist here and there but with the same story line with unforgettable contract marriage as the main plot, voila I’m one happy watcher. The show was shot in Thailand with Seoul as their honeymoon destination. Isn’t it funny? The original one was shot in Korea and they honeymooned in Thailand! Too cute!


There are many things I want to share here. So many squee parts! Squee squee squee. The bicycle scene. The cleaning the house part. The rolling in the mattress aka “making a crepe” scene. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you have seen it. The ducky dance in the market scene. The naked scene.  Yup! Naked! The ice cream scene. Oh the ice cream scene… Hot smacking hot! So yeah, it’s a must watch. The main character, Mike and Om-Am are adorable together. And I *flips hair* personally wuv, wuv, wuv Mike! Oh my gosh he’s a total hottie!!!! I’m so obsessed with him I even start following him on Instagram!!! That handsome face! I just want to plant my kisses all over him!!!! Muacks muacks muacks! Oooh, so so sorry… The cougar in me just took over this post for awhile…. The real me is back now *smiles*. Anyway….. The energy level of this drama (or may apply to other Thai dramas as well) is quite layback. Everything seem so relax. I’m not used to people talking in a slow manner. I think it’s the language.


Anyway, I love this drama. This is a must watch. It’s a classic Full House in a completely new environment, fresh with great actors and cute acting. I have made both Laurie and Stephanie hooked on this awesome drama! And now, my work is to make you watch it too! *hypnotizing in progress* YOU WILL WATCH FULL HOUSE THAI TODAY. YOU WILL WATCH FULL HOUSE THAI TODAY. YOU WILL WATCH FULL HOUSE THAI TODAY. If you are into reading caps but open to something more unconventional yet fun and enjoyable, may I suggest reading a squee cap instead. It’s a guaranteed laugh-out-loud you don’t wanna miss! Run over to The Problematic of the Unproblematic and join the fun with Shuk and JoAnne. Just the thought of these two ladies are enough to make me giggle hehehe… *winks*

And of course, I can’t help but sharing this MV! Mike is just too cute! It’s called Oh Baby for the main soundtrack for this awesome drama!


7 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Full House Thai

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  2. I haven’t watched the Korean Version of “Full House” yet. I started it this year but since my time is limited and I have to write on “dramajjang” about new dramas, I’m still on episode one TT TT What do you suggest, should I watch the Korean Version first? I had the excactly same thougts about lakorns, but I watched “Hormones” both seasons this year and I changed my mind. If I may suggest to you “Hormones”, it’s about students lives but its really good. It made me appreciate lakrons a lot : P


    • To be honest, I actually loved the K version. Rain was mean but I really dig baddie at the time so it felt so real. I thought it was done better and the love/hate relationship was more… believable. The Thai version is a bit softy and can be tiny draggy at times. That’s how I feel though the Thai version is also romantic.

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