Let’s Eat: Mokja nom nom Timeline Cap Episode 15


It’s the kiss after episode! Yay! Were you all as excited as we were with that hungry kiss? Gotta love 806 for that! He was in charged! Noonas all over the world approve his quick yet deep kiss. How great was that? I just want to rewind and watch it again! Squeeeeeeeeee…. Oooh, I almost forgot! The preview for episode 15! Are we all bummed that our cutie delivery boy turns out a baddy? *sobs* Andwaeeeeeeeeeeee! Wae wae wae? Let’s hope we get to hear his reasons for doing this to 804. Without delay, let’s watch Let’s Eat!

Episode 15


My Myooz: I can’t believe we are almost at the end of this show. I’m happy we finally get to watch this episode but sad  that the show is ending *cries*

Laurie ADgirl: I know *pouts*

My Myooz: I wanna see some jealousy going on on this episode! Perhaps, more kissing action too.

Laurie ADgirl:  Play! The kiss scene again… *squee*


My Myooz: Yay! He holds her hand too!!!!


Laurie ADgirl: Loved it!

My Myooz: Squeeeee….


Laurie ADgirl: Now she will pick it apart. I hope not.

My Myooz: Like a crazy dog woman… No prank! Aaaaaaaaa he’s cute!


Laurie ADgirl: Poor 804. Loved his smile remembering the kiss.

My Myooz: 804 *teary*


Laurie ADgirl: Want to cry with her.

My Myooz: I know… Look at her look at her! Gasp. He is at the door. What the…?


Laurie ADgirl: Look at her smile!


My Myooz: Lol! Disappointment from the two.

Laurie ADgirl: AW! Looking for an excuse to see her.


My Myooz: Why did she dress up? Goodness! Cuteness overload.

Laurie ADgirl: She has not had anyone she is interested in since her marriage.

My Myooz: C’mon! Don’t be so nervous! I love his hair!!!! I just wanna run my fingers through his hair *bats lashes*


Laurie ADgirl: Poor 806 thinks she doesn’t like him.

My Myooz: What kind of game is this? Chocolate = stress lol

Laurie ADgirl: For her it does and she has not eaten any at work for a while.


My Myooz: And manager thinks she’s having relationship problem with Attorney Kim. What the…? The look on Oh lol

Laurie ADgirl: He is maybe hoping if he announces it she will change her mind. *hangs head down*

My Myooz: Take that, woman! He’s hoping… Poor guy. But I think he’s right. As long as she hasn’t announced who she is with, he should pursue her. Don’t you think?


Laurie ADgirl: Yes I think he should.

My Myooz: Unless 805 says it clearly to him that she’s seeing someone.

Laurie ADgirl: She may have a change of heart.

My Myooz: At this point, he can do whatever. But we both know she will not change her heart… Poor 804. Heart broken.


Laurie ADgirl: I can see how she is confused by his actions!

My Myooz: 805 warned him before! He never listens! *angry face*

Laurie ADgirl: He does keep saying he sees her as a sister.

My Myooz: She’s picking on him. Too girly!!!


Laurie ADgirl: I bet 805 will see them together…

My Myooz: Ack Wow! He’s very determined. Yeah!


Laurie ADgirl: She didn’t phew! *wipes sweat*

My Myooz: Yes! Phew.

Laurie ADgirl: What’s with the girls in Kdrama not hearing a guy say I do not like you, huh? As a GF, or friends.


My Myooz: Wait wait Oh being philosophical? Bahahaha


Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha! Does Attorney Oh think if she eats chocolate it will change her life?

My Myooz: Perhaps! It’ll make her sweeter? Lol

Laurie ADgirl: Hahahaha She is jealous!

My Myooz: She’s jealous! Oh no! Our boy.


Laurie ADgirl: I am so sad delivery boy is a bad boy T_____T

My Myooz: Me too! No!!!!!!!

Laurie ADgirl: Scared! Got my eyes covered! Phone rings!

My Myooz: Saved by the rings!

Laurie ADgirl: I can breathe now!

My Myooz: Me too! Why is her dad being released now? She’s selling 805 out!

Laurie ADgirl: Not explained I guess.

My Myooz: Lol Ok that’s awkward. Put your arms down!



Laurie ADgirl: Love how he jumps back. Like he was caught in the act or something. hehehehe

My Myooz: Omo. Oh ordered a lot! She was 100 kg?


Laurie ADgirl: She is laughing like Kim now *laughs*

My Myooz: That laugh! So evil! Dang it! Want all of that, Laurie!

Laurie ADgirl: So I want pasta now and shrimp.

My Myooz: And carbonara! Salad! …… We are definitely quiet lol.

Laurie ADgirl: Sorry watching them eat and drooling everywhere. *major drools*



My Myooz: That lasagna! Oh my god!

Laurie ADgirl: For some reason my veggie chips are just not cutting it! *laughs*

My Myooz: Veggie chips? Get rid of it! We need real food! She is a pig! Lol I guess 805 doesn’t know 804 knows


Laurie ADgirl: Tell me about it. I guess they don’t.

My Myooz: I’d feel awkward sitting on the table.

Laurie ADgirl: She has a sense something is up with 804!

My Myooz: I think so.

Laurie ADgirl: Poor Miss Oh!


My Myooz: I want her confidence back!

Laurie ADgirl: Wait until she finds out 806 and 805 like each other.

My Myooz: Nervous! Gasp! Her words! That was painful!


Laurie ADgirl: This is where it she will pull away from 806. All for 804…

My Myooz: Don’t lie! I think she would now!


Laurie ADgirl: Phew I thought she was going to move.

My Myooz: Wait! She isn’t, right? Phew. Another misunderstanding. *sigh*


Laurie ADgirl: No that’s why the girl asked to see the apartment upstairs.


My Myooz: He should ask 805 directly!

Laurie ADgirl: Now 804 will put nothing but misunderstandings. I cannot even feel anger for it.

My Myooz: She just did. Delivery boy is looking cute!


Laurie ADgirl: Yes he is.

My Myooz: She’s giving great opportunity for the boy.


Laurie ADgirl: Now we get to know what her dad did.

My Myooz: Stop! He didn’t kiss her! Don’t think too much. Oooh Kim. Risk being called a jerk just for 805. Awwww


Laurie ADgirl: She does not know that. We still do not know the reason she is divorced.

My Myooz: Yeah.

Laurie ADgirl: What a Knight he is for her. Sadly he will lose in the end.*sad face*

My Myooz: She just confessed to Kim. Wait till he finds out it’s 806! He is a knight!


Laurie ADgirl: Yes

My Myooz: They both eating the triangle kimbap!


Laurie ADgirl: Aww

My Myooz: Love Barasshi! I’m gonna miss this dog *cries*

Laurie ADgirl: One of the series were I am not sure who she should be with. I will be sad who ever she chooses in the end. Viki crashed! *punch fist in the air*

My Myooz: Oops. Pause. I would too. But I’m sided with 806 just because… Well you already know it

Laurie ADgirl: Yah I already know… He is so darn MMMMM! *evil thought* Play!

My Myooz: Flashback time! How appropriate! How long do you think 806 has been liking her?

Laurie ADgirl: The time she realizes she loves him, not just likes him.

My Myooz: Just call her!

Laurie ADgirl: OMG! She will think he wants her to be with Kim!

My Myooz: Awwwww they are just too adorbs. Omg no! You think?

Laurie ADgirl: From the last words of the flashback. Delivery Boy is making mistakes now. Too bad she is so sorrowful over 806. She would have catch on…


My Myooz: Yes. He made a mistake. I remember she only told him about her mom. Now he will help her disappear without a trace?

Laurie ADgirl: I am sure her father must have done something to cause harm to his family.


My Myooz: He’s making a move. He’s using her sorrow for his opportunity. Ok. Jackpot! He found the perfect time for revenge. Banana milk!


Laurie ADgirl: Boom! Back to scared and nervous. I am!

My Myooz: Hahaha

Laurie ADgirl: She needs to do something to take her mind of things.

My Myooz: Gosh. Here we go. He misunderstood her completely. Bahaha the music!


Laurie ADgirl: She is misunderstanding because of 804. The music adds to the comedy.



My Myooz: The kiss issue. Did you see that dog? Ack!!!!! He holds her hand! Let’s clear it out! I’ve never seen 806 looks like this! Laurie! Are you alive?


Laurie ADgirl: He is at a loss for words. So cute! Yah I am all caught up in the moment..


My Myooz: At this angle, 806 looks so mannish!!! Cute! So, so cute!!!! I’m worried for 804!

Laurie ADgirl: So am I! My stomach feels like it’s in my throat I am so nervous.

My Myooz: She is not slightly suspicious where he got the car!


Laurie ADgirl: No as he told her he came to say goodbye, and he could not drink because he had a car.

My Myooz: Here we go! Omo. His dad committed suicide on that building! Don’t! Please jjaebal



Laurie ADgirl: OMO! SCARED!!! Holding breath now! Fuck ads!


My Myooz: Barasshi is cute! Pause.

Laurie ADgirl: Right at a crucial moment! Play

My Myooz: Lol yeah. I lol at you said f word. Barasshi got his own slot! Yippee!



Laurie ADgirl: Right at a crucial moment… It was the first thing that came to mind. Love how 806 is Barasshi’s voice.

My Myooz: Wow. The preview!

Laurie ADgirl: Love the preview.

My Myooz: Let’s Eat keeps getting good and good. Till the end.

Laurie ADgirl: Just just aaack! What a time to end it. What a place to end this one.

My Myooz: Yes yes

Laurie ADgirl: I am hoping it stays this way till the end. No fillers!

My Myooz: I don’t see any room for fillers in this drama. The show is solid. The plot is very organized.

Laurie ADgirl: Right as next week is the last episode. *pouts*

My Myooz: Yup. After next week, you and will be mourning!

Laurie ADgirl: Yes I will.

My Myooz: I’ll research another great one to watch this summer. I’m glad you agreed doing this one with me. Ok Laurie. Lemme work on this one now. I need to do screenshot for previous and current posts. Too lazy lol.

Laurie ADgirl: Sounds good. I am off to finish cleaning and watching more drama. Love the March Break. Chat later.

Oh my goodness were you as scared as we were? Did Gwang Seok push her off the building? The preview makes us believe that she vanished into the thin air. This is scary! We don’t want our 804 to disappear. She’s such a cutie and we don’t want her character to ends this way. Also on the preview? *wiggles brows* Despite Kim’s depression due to love rejection, I think he may found his new victim. Or should I say? He became a love victim. Either way, it looks like one happy ending for our sensitive attorney. Amuden, we want to see a great ending for this drama. It has been great all the way so clearly we can expect nothing but rosy until the end!


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