Currently Watching: Emergency Couple


Medical drama and I don’t get along really well. I’m too afraid of blood and this phobia could sent me into coma. Yeap, I’m that bad. Ok, I may be a little dramatic but you get the idea… And because of this phobia, I missed out a lot of good medical kdramas. I wish I could hypnotize myself. Even though I know the blood in dramas is fake and it’s all just another acting, my brain though couldn’t process it well. It still wants me to think it’s a real blood. Stupid brain, why can’t you be normal? *knocks her head* So because of my weakness, I delay watching Emergency Couple for the longest time until I got caught up with my other dramas.


Why do I even bother watching it even know this drama could send me, ironically, to the emergency room? The drama teaser, of course. The fact that the OTP hates each other to the gut was enough to justify why I should watch it. Plus, it’s Choi Jin Hyuk’s first time playing the main lead! I gotta support him even though I’m not his biggest fan! *ducks from his fans*. Song Ji Hyo on the other hand is not new to most of us. The only female lead in current airing Running Man (lucky gal)she has been one of my favorite actress to watch since Goong. I know I know but you know what? She shows versatility in that she’s able to play innocent wench, bitchy or lovable characters anytime. Amuden, it’s great to see her back in drama. She’s been quite tomboyish lately…


Ok, enough of them… Let’s focus on Emergency Couple. The story plot reminded me of 2006’s Alone In Love. Have you seen it? No? Hmmm you should watch it. I love it. Ok really, back to ER Couple. It is quite funny to be honest. A divorced couple found themselves working together as interns in the hospital emergency room. Yeap, how awkward is that? *laughs* This show is crack-a-lacking! I laughs so hard at this show. At episode 15 and still able to laugh, this show is definitely worth your time. I’m happy that it not only meet my expectations, which is a true romance comedy genre, it also met my friends’ expectations too. We enjoy it so, so much! And of course I enjoy it more and more after the bloody scenes on the first two episodes *shudders*


Emergency Couple is currently exclusively airing on DramaFever in my region, I’m not sure which site it is in yours. This 20 episode drama is classically laugh out loud funny. The hate love relationship is one of the best I’ve seen in a while. I seriously enjoy watching them battling and fighting each other. *giggles* I find happiness in people’s miseries. Whaa…..? Pure evil? Well *flips hair*, that I am! Well, don’t waste your time reading my blog… Go watch it!


What do you think?

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