Breaking News: Be A Man!!!


It is out! The first MV from MBLAQ’s 6th mini album, Broken, is finally released!!! Be A Man!!! Hell to the yeah! And goose bump all over. I’m so excited. I’ve been waiting for this MV all day long! They look amazing. They sound amazing. It is a song that is not for every kpop fangirls but for me, it is THE song! It is not the usual kpop you hear everyday. It definitely has old school kpop vibe to me. And it is more ballady which I dig! What a stunning song! Stunning stunning stunning! *screams* I can’t get enought! No other kpop groups can carry-on on one beautiful tune as Be A Man but MBLAQ. I may sound biased because this is my group and I’m an A+ but this is true! They are exceptionally talented and way ahead of their ball game! The choreography is so manly… MANLY!!! Super sexy and seductive! The namja are looking extremely mature in their super form fitting suits! SeungHo sounds amazeballs! JTune has entrusted him to lead Be A Man and I think it is the wisest decision they have made. But GO…. GO hits the high notes! Now that my chingu, no one can do that but the perfect vocal GO. Sorry, again I’m biased. Joonie looks model like as ever and so does Thunder. Mir is the surprise one. He finally man up! He just shed his baby image and I like what I see.

Oh my god… This is going to be a great year for MBLAQ. I can just feel it!!! Enjoy the song y’all and wait for the next song, Between Us, soon too!


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