Breaking News: JJCC’s At First… A Promising Start!


I have a new love confession to make!!! I’m in love with Jacky Chan’s first idol group, JJCC!!!! I just can’t describe this overwhelming feeling running through my blood! The boyz are handsome, talented and tall!!! I’ve never been so excited in my life since MBLAQ and this is huge! Y’all know I’m an MBLAQ A+ girl but guess what? I am making a room for JJCC now! The group and the song reminded me so much of the legend TVXQ/DBSK. Now that’s huge!!! Here’s the teaser just to tease ya!

Eottae? You want more don’t ya??? Unfortunately, they video will not get released until next week. But hey, don’t sweat it. They debut their song on M! Countdown (yeah, a debut without releasing the MV, that’s the first) and ohemgeeeeeeeee… Seriously, I predict they will go huge this year! They don’t sound too kpop-ish, and that’s what I like about them. Just like how MBLAQ is more R&B and jazzy, same goes with JJCC too. And they all look very sharp looking and mannish! Don’t they all sound very harmony together????

What a promising start to a brand new group! I look forward to buy their digital album which will be out on March 24!


What do you think?

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