Wednesday Eu-Mak: Beautiful


Hello and happy Wednesday! How is your week? I have a very unusual week and it is looking better and better now. I found myself sick on Friday with laryngitis and bronchospasm and missing my work on Monday to get more rest. Really, really tired now because of coughing continuously. I coughed so hard (still coughing) it hurts my tummy. I giggle with friends that I’ll get six pack once this illness is over *laughs*… Anyway, another unusual week is because two of the most anticipated MVs came out on Monday. I’m sure if you are following my blog, you’ve seen the posts on MBLAQ’s Be A Man and JJCC’s At First. Squeeeeeeeeee *jumps* I love these two groups! But today, today I’m going a little unconventional! A post just for Lee Michelle!


I’ve seen her names flying through my twitter account lately and today, I’m extremely curious. Who is this gal? Her name is so un-Korean to my ears. And it turns out, she isn’t a pure Korean. A half Black, half Korean… Michelle participated in K-Pop Star in 2011. When the show ended, she signed up with YG Entertainment. Wow, this is huge! She was training under group called SuPearls but got disbanded after one of the member, Lee Hi, successfully enter the entertainment market as a solo artist. Michelle then signed with Dima Entertainment instead and released her first song Without You 5 days ago. And now, she’s a rising star in South Korea!

Her voice is extremely awesome. Michelle has this typical Black soul voice which is admired by every singers. I am too! Her voice is just daebak! The MV is really moving and I seriously loving it. I truly think YG made a great mistake by letting her go. She definitely fits the YG face. And the fact that she isn’t pure Korean, this could be a gateway for Michelle to enter international market. She’s beautiful as a Korean and she will get bigger with this song. Lee Michelle, fighting!!!

The lyrics is beautiful. It sure a life story that anyone can relate to. The music is so great! I love that it is so ballady and soulful. I can hear the sadness in her voice. Very strong emotion that really, she made me teary. This is one beautiful song. “I’m  beautiful without you, I’m meaningful without you…” What a great message! I am looking forward for more new songs from her. Hopefully soon… She’s the new Whitney Houston of South Korea!



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