Breaking News: Ooh Ooh… He’s coming back!


Squeeeeeeeee! Eric Nam is making a comeback! I can’t wait! He looks more handsome than ever and his style is more classy than I remember! And just look at him ladies and gentlemen! How can you not say oooooooooooh at his pretty face, right? C’mon, nod with me! And the comeback song is so soulful and pop, and the beat is pretty fast too! A completely different music style and beat than his previous album.


I’m so excited for this new track! It sounded so fresh… the beginning of the MV I’m just like… whoa, so much for fan service! Wow! Thank you, Eric! *blows kisses* And what’s more? Micky Mouse undie? Polka dot socks? A fresh pressed baby blue shirt? Row of cologne bottles? My gosh…. and I notice a face that reminded me of Infinite Hoya!!! Did y’all notice it??? Is it Hoya??? Aish Eric ahhhh… you so fine, so so fine!

And here’s the first not-so-fun teaser of the same song! The first teaser is wayyyyy better! Wayyyy!

Anyway, can August 8 be here already??? Can you spell P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E with me??? Hurry up already!


6 thoughts on “Breaking News: Ooh Ooh… He’s coming back!

  1. Heehee, definitely a HUGE change from his debut. And that IS Hoya. On the fine print at the teaser’s end it says featuring Hoya of Infinite.

    If your jeans are that hard to get on, just chuck ’em and parade around in your Mickey undies.

    After School club has made me realize what a character Eric can be. Ever watched?


    • Aaaaah finally saw it, it is really very fine print.

      Hehehe i kinda like that he had to squish his butt into the jeans… Cho cute though!

      I’ve heard of After School but never seen it. He’s a character? Seolma? He looks like a cute little “obedient” boy. Again, I’m just judging by his looks. Hehehe… I’m bad.


      • It’s like when John Park started doing reality shows, both of them have sides that their boy next door looks belie. Eric & Han Byul were total hams together on that show. Sadly our loveable Aussie isn’t there any more 😦 they were a great team


          • You didn’t know that Han Byul from Led Apple is an Aussie? I must admit that is a very attractive accent 😉

            Ah, and to answer your other question, I can sometimes be on the fence about this genre, sometimes the music is really good & I enjoy it & other times the songs just kind of fall flat. From the teasers…I think I’ll prolly enjoy this one.


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