Currently Watching: Bride of the Century


Baek Seung Joo is baaaaaaaccckkkkkkkk!!!!!! I seriously can’t parted with this show any minute now. I marathoned 7 episodes two weeks ago and I’m now current with the Bride of the Century. Lee Hong Ki’s character as Choi Kang Joo is my newest Baek Seung Joo and I freaking loveeeee it!!!! This show is truly a romance comedy with fantasy. It sure reminds me of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. And the worse of all? The show is completely addictive!!! So addictive it makes me “shaking like an addict and biting her nails while rocking herself on a rocking chair.” Just give me the dammmmmnnnn new episodes already!!!! Ahjusshi, soju juseyo!!!! Palli!!!!


Bride of the Century is full of cliche. Most people dislike cliche drama… I kinda understand. As we all mature in kdrama watching, we tend to avoid cliche dramas and move on to more serious and realistic plots and more engaging OTPs. But for me, cliche dramas are the best! The only problem is? Not many great cliche dramas out there! But this drama is good enough  in my dictionary. I love cliche drama to the bone and I hate when people wanting flawless out of it. Cliche dramas can be a little serious too, ya know? Puhleez, my life is too hectic now and I don’t want this show to be how they want it to be. I want this show how it supposed to be. Bad or not, I’ll judge it when it ends. That’s all.


Amuden, enough ranting. This drama lingers around the family curse. The curse began when the first bride of the first’s son of Kang family died. My confusion part is when did it start? How many generations had to go through this curse? *shrugs* This part was completely “walking on the grey line” and the part of the ghost looking 500 years old, it seems that this curse has been going on forever. So fast forward to current year, the eldest son is at a marriage age. The family set up an arrange marriage for their eldest son, Kang Joo, with the daughter of a nearly collapsed businesswoman, Jang Yi Kyung. President Ma, Yi Kyung’s omma, found out about the curse rumor and pushed Na Doo-Rim, a lookalike Yi-Kyung, to step in to sacrifice her life for Ma’s daughter. Doo-Rim, a bumpkin innocently accepted the offer thinking that Yi-Kyung, as President Ma claimed to be, was missing and doing this favor is the best way to help a distraught family. On the other hand, Kang Joo’s omma, agreed to the marriage even though she knew about the curse. She was hoping to use Yi-Kyung as part of this sacrifice in order to marry him to Roo-Mi, Kang Joo’s best and childhood friend.


Doo-Rim is a happy go lucky girl while Yi Kyung is an awesome pianist with one evil attitude. While Doo-Rim established all the relationship between her “family” and Kang’s, Yi-Kyung on the other hand stepped in to ruin it all. The only mistake Doo-Rim made even after hearing the curse? She married him as Yi-Kyung even though she whispered her name silently. Thankfully though, when they switched up, Kang Joo realized something was off. Phew… I’m so glad. Really glad. And what’s next? The boy rebels to get his bride back!


This light, 16 episode romcom drama isn’t for everyone. If you like to judge every single plot, please leave this drama out of your watch list. It will not make sense to you whatsoever. It will make you rolls your eyes. It will make you giggles and if you’re not the type of person who enjoy giggles and being mushy mushy, stay out of it. I, on the other hand, LOVES it to death! I brush away all the ridiculous things and accepts it as it is. Yeah, I am like that. Didn’t I tell you shallow is my middle name? So I think you get the idea right? Watch for the romance and cliche. If you’re a cheery and bubbly person like me, what are ya waiting for? WATCH WATCH WATCH! And if you like to read extraordinary recap of the Bride of the Century, head over to my friends’ site at The Problematic of the Unproblematic. They are fabulous!




10 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Bride of the Century

  1. One of the few simulcasts I’m watching, though I think I’m 2-4 episodes behind thanks to the great spring cleaning project now that spring has actually ARRIVED!!! Just wait. In Michigan there are only 2 seasons. Winter and Road Construction. that will be starting up to annoy me soon, but that’s ok because of this awesome drama.

    Cheesy. Full of cliches. Hong Gi’s acting…um…he’s done better, but oh he’s so adorable and loveable I forgive some of his weaker parts. So much that you can’t really believe, but such a treasure. The actress playing dual roles? Amazing. I hate Yi Kyung with a passion and love the feisty Doo Rim.

    I did an initial write up of this drama and plan on doing my final thoughts when it officially ends. Glad you found it and fell for it, too.


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