Breaking News: Let’s Spazz Out Together…. Eric Nam Style!


Oooh oooh, oh pretty baby…

Oooh oooh, chwihan go gata…

Oooh ooh, making me crazy…

Oooh ooh, nae son jabajwo…

Calling all my girlfriends! Grace! Kfangurl! Deewani! NeeNee! Michele! Erl! Let’s spazz together with this song!!!! I have been waiting for Eric Nam’s comeback and it is finally here!!! And he’s taking over our spring!!!! Let’s us all hold hands, jump and squee together!!!! What a funtastic and cute MV and the song is freeeeeakkkkking goooooodness awesome!!! It’s delicious all over from the beginning to the end. And with bonus in a form of Infinite Hoya? Can’t go wrong, ladies! Can’t go wrong!


And to all my readers…. don’t you just love Eric Nam??? I’m a big fan of his first album, Cloud 9,  and Oooh Oooh is definitely a big change for Eric. Before, he was “the boy next door” but as of today he’s “the hottie boy next door!” I’m super stoked and psyched by this song! Eric’s voice is so cute! I could hear a little MJ, a little JT and Bruno Mars in the tune too! And special appearance by Busker Busker Brad, UKiss Kevin and Spica’s Boa! Ooooowwwww! Wanjeon daebak! I don’t care what people say… The song is awesome! Urgh this feeling…. it’s overflowing now! Can’t stop whistling to Oooh Oooh! It’s catchy tune that makes you want to drop everything else and dance with Eric! Chamon, chamon… you know you wanna! *winks*


10 thoughts on “Breaking News: Let’s Spazz Out Together…. Eric Nam Style!

  1. lol! It is VERY catchy. That part you quoted was stuck in my head all day. It is a very big change from his debut album, but not in a bad way at all. I wasn’t sure how he’d do in this genre and I think he’s done a smashing good job at it 😀

    Like @kfangurl, I can so see you bopping (and hopping) to this.


  2. Did you see the EYK interview where he came into the studio to”review” his song and MV with them?!?!?! It was priceless!!! I also love the song, it’s completely charming. I also loved the Kevin, Brad & Boa cameo appearances, and of course my INFINITE bias, Hoya!!! I just ❤ it all. And Eric Nam is looking so handsome (not that he wasn't before, he just looks a little more grown-up). And I totally agree with you about wanting to dance to the song.


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