Wednesday Eu-Mak: Cherry Blossom Edition


Happy Wednesday, everyone! What a great beautiful weather to start my day here… I love spring! The trees are budding, the leaves are growing, my tulips are sprouting beautifully, the birds are chirping, the sun is shining, the people are less grumpy and that my friends, is a start of a great romance life. Spring has sprung, peeps! And what’s best to celebrate this beautiful weather with some great awesome new released songs. After all, it is Cherry Blossom time here in my beautiful city…


So okay, the first song is by High4 and IU’s Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossom. Apparently, this is High4’s debut song and IU leaves her print on the lyrics. I’m sure she co-wrote it with someone but it didn’t mention who… But I heard there’s a lot of drama in putting this group together. I’m sure it is solved with this debut. Anyway, please click here to find out more of this new boygroup, High4. This pretty song with sweet, sweet melody is so lovely to hear. It just makes you feel awesome and good, and comfortable on any given day. This song is so fits in with IU’s fresh sweet and spring look and her ever soothing voice while the boyz are pretty daebak. Impressive!  I love their voices, sweet gentle voices, and the rap part is pretty great! Their collaboration is like match made in heaven! The lyrics are too cute. The song tells a story of a single guy/man who doesn’t have a partner to share their love with in this  beautiful spring time. Awwwwww it’s a bit sad but ya know… That’s okay, as long as  you single people are happy, that’s all that matters *wink*. Anyway, please enjoy this song! Hope you love it ^^


And for the next MV, a song that would make you fall in love immediately the minute the singer started plucking on his guitar. Gorgeous sound! The song is called The Manual by Eddy Kim. What struck to me is his sweet gentle voice and suddenly he went all wild and emotional by minute 2.10. Oh wow! And I love this unplugged sound…. Acoustic music is so appropriate for spring. It sounded so fresh and beautiful. I’m in love! And how nice is that the MV was shot in beautiful Amsterdam. Had I know, I could have just tell my friend to photobomb this vid! *laughs* just saying… Let’s get back to this song. Now close your eyes and focus on these: Eddy’s sweet-turned-growly voice and his acoustic guitar. That’s all.

Did you all like it? What great serene songs to start your spring, ya? I think they are lovely songs. I could listen to them back to back to back again and again… Anyway, enjoy your day and I’ll see you on the next post.


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Cherry Blossom Edition

  1. I hadn’t heard the IU/High4 song before, very appropriate. Good voices, but did it feature IU more in comparison to the boys I wonder…

    Love Eddy’s song. Was going to share it with you the other day but forgot. I see you’re on top of things 😉 awesome avoustic song, awesome guitar skills 🙂


    • You’re welcome! They are two different songs and hard to pick which is my favorite. But I’m leaning towards Eddy Kim… Just because the sound of the guitar is so…. raw. Love!


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