Song of the Moment: Key to Nae Mah-eum


One of my favorite, favorite song from this album is Key, track #5. I really, really can’t parted from this beautiful song. It is beautifully composed and the song is wonderfully sang. It is so sublime and harmony I really can’t help but to rewind and push play over and over again. In fact, the entire album is awesome! But this song is a little special for me. With my GO bestie Michele in Seoul, we constantly keep our toes wet with these boys. We literally, YES LITERALLY, chat every minute of our time and 95% of our conversation is circa MBLAQ and particularly, our bias GO.

Anyway… Key is one of my go-to song from this album lately. It is my current lullaby song. It sounds so angelic to my ears… The nearly whisper-like voice by Mir at the beginning just kills me to pieces. Don’t ask me why but I nearly die when he said “mascara” coz he said it very subtly yet sexily. And when the song opens with GO… I feel like this song is composed just for GO. Yeah  yeah, I’m  biased but don’t you agree though? GO can easily sing the entire song by himself. And if you notice, GO has the most singing part. Aaaaaah!

And here’s the live performance of the same song… Just wow! This song is just…wow!


One thought on “Song of the Moment: Key to Nae Mah-eum

  1. I admit my bias leans towards Seungho all thanks to me seeing him play the piano while singing my all-time fave Maroon 5 song.

    It’s an awesome song & they do harmonize well together 🙂


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