Currently Watching: Nodame Cantabile

871I was told to watch this drama by Mari when I was in the Philippines. She made it such a big deal and I would regret for the rest of my life if I don’t listen to her. Yup, that’s my Kakao deongsaeng. And yes, she’s that scary *laughs*. So like a good eonnie, I started Nodame back in February. But I had to quit watching after the two episodes. Why? Two reasons: the show was available in parts in GoodDrama and on YouTube (of course later on I found out someone posted the entire series with complete episodes on YT) which I dislike the most AND secondly because my RL schedule is getting busier and busier. When OKC members voted on Nodame, I was so happy once again. Despite that I failed to find the complete full episode, I couldn’t contained the joy of watching it with my friends.


Nodame Cantabile is full of slapstick comedy scenes since the very first episode. I was super impressed how the show is as extremely comical as the anime. The facial expression, the reaction and the comedy this drama offered just so entertaining. The best part of this show is the classical music. I love classical music and this show somewhat feeds my dying soul (though not as much as I had hope for). The story plot is pretty straight forward but the presentation can be a little tricky and confusing. I sometime found myself lost in the midst of humor and crazy characters in Nodame. And I also found myself exhausted from this show… There are too many characters. I just couldn’t keep up… *scratches head* maybe I’m getting older tsk tsk tsk


Anyway, Nodame Cantabile told a story of Megumi Noda aka Nodame. She’s a bright and talented pianist who plays by hearing rather than reading the musical notes. But her ambition is not to play piano professionally despite her great talent. She wants to be a kindergarten teacher. One thing about Nodame that no one knows is that she’s a messy, messy girl. Wait, I think I might have understate her. She’s not only messy, she’s also clumsy and socially awkward too. And that’s all about her. In comes Shiniki Chiaki, an arrogant yet handsome top music student in the school. He is a perfectionist. So as you know, as a perfectionist you can almost associates him to a weeee bit anal in just about everything. He’s a respected violinist and pianist who dreams of becoming a conductor. Nodame and Chiaki met in a weird circumstances one day. He fell asleep outside of Nodame’s apartment door instead of his door (which is one door down). And of course the rest is history… She took him in and fell in love with him immediately. Chiaki on the other hand, as other boys do, took awhile to realize his appreciation and love towards her. But throughout the entire 11 episodes, you can see the development of their relationship together. It is cute sometimes…


Sure I laughed so hard with this show but I think it gets old after awhile. It’s too comical for my drama taste. I’m not so into slapstick comedy but for anime fans, this is a drama for you. Nodame Cantabile is not a new drama however. This 2006, 11 episodes drama received lots of great reviews! Maybe I’m the only exception as I rated 6 (fine). If I’m a little  younger, I could like it more. But at this age, it isn’t for me.



What do you think?

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