Wednesday Eu-Mak: Get Ready to be Blown Away

Hey all, happy Wednesday! I’m in such a good spirit today. The weather is beautiful! The breeze is great. My skin is loving this weather now. It is not so humid but I’m starting to feel it but it’s all cool…. I’m so blown away by this perfect weather. If I could get this “just right” temperature throughout the year, I’ll be one happy gal! And speaking of getting blown away by this awesome, awesome weather… Get ready to be blown away by these awesome, awesome songs I found for y’all!


The first song for this post was not even in my radar at all. I stumbled on Safety Zone by DMTN last week and my G.O.D it gives me the chill to my spine bone! I could not stop listen to it. The opening of the song (hana, dul, set, net…) and the piano part had me dropped everything I was doing and focused on this stunning slow-fast-slow beat song. Safety Zone just….. aaaaaaah I don’t know how to spill this feeling into words!  It is just that cool of a song! And the boys are beautiful! I never knew DMTN (short for Desire.Motivation.Timing.Now) was previously known as Dalmation. I heard so many awful rumors about them but I do not want to go there. Let’s just focus on this beautiful song, shall we?



The next song gave me the same effect as Safety Zone. *face palm* Why are there so many good songs out there? Wae wae wae? It’s Day by Day by MyName with special appearance by D.O. Yes, I know I know… Weird group name but who cares? The boys are adorbs although they are looking pretty young for my taste. But in this MV though, they suddenly “manned up”! But as young as they are, all have such wonderful voices. I’m very surprised by how high they could reach for notes! Bravo, boyz! The song is great! Again, the opening of this song got me! The guitar and D.O’s rapping part just so awesome! And when the boys took over… They literally had wrapped their fingers around me. Really! Oh gosh *face palm* wuvvvvv it!

The songs aren’t new but they sure are to me *winks*. I wish you all a great day, afternoon and evening *blows kisses*. See you on the next post!


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