Wednesday Eu-Mak: Wedding Edition


Hello from Dhaka, Bangladesh! Yes, I’m on my work travel again. Lucky me! No, really… Lucky me! I’m so happy to be in Dhaka now. The flights were great and I didn’t feel tired when I arrived in this vibrant city. Bye bye jet lag! The only complain I have so far is the heat. Oh my, it is 110F (41C) today. Steamy hot. Two days ago, I attended a meeting at one of the working partner and all they have were ceiling fans. My work pants were soaking wet with my sweat! Eeeeeeewwww… great experience though. I salute to all people here. It’s one tough season they have to deal with.

For this week’s post, I decided to do a wedding edition *finger heart*. I’ve been meaning to post these “marry” MVs for awhile but never get a chance to do so. Since I’m away from home with extreme busy schedule for the next two weeks, it’s appropriate enough to share these songs with you. I hope you all love the songs *winks*.

And a special clip… I would say I do to Kim Hyun Joong anytime! Wouldn’t you?


What do you think?

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