Wednesday Eu-Mak: B’day Celebration


Yeoreobun, this weekend is my birthday! Wooppppeeeeee… Hehehe I get excited for nothing. I don’t typically celebrate my birthday but ever since my son got bigger and smarter, I started to be a little more relax and layback so I will celebrate it with him this weekend. Of course, hubby will join in from far since he’s busy with his work. Anyway, I’m busy as well and I don’t have that much of time to spend on blogging *tsk tsk tsk* Real life is hitting me hard lately so… But I definitely do not want to neglect my Wednesday post. I love this post… Writing and preparing Wednesday post is like my getaway to heaven, I get to share the songs I love and adore with all of you. And yes, I’m biased too *sticks her tongue out*

Because I love MBLAQ so much, I’m sure it came to no surprise that I decided to feature them again. But instead of studio recording polished MVs, these live MVs are as good as the original one.



4 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: B’day Celebration

  1. Happy Birthday Princess Nelly!!! Great choices for your birthday music celebration! I wish you so much joy and happiness for your special day and always! ♡♡ Enjoy your special day with your special little Joonie! Love you!!!!♡♡


  2. Happy Birthday! We are both May babies!!!! Mine is a lil less than two weeks away. I hope you have a wonderful celebration this weekend with your family! As always, thanks for the great music 🙂


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