Just Watched: Age of Feeling


I have been waiting for this show for the looooongest time! It was originally scheduled to air last year in November but due to conflict of location, it finally received a green light to air in January. Phew… I hate to say the drama is cursed because of Kim Hyun Joong. His anticipated drama, City Conquest, came to face too many obstacles *sad face*. Too many that the production had to go on halt a few times and eventually cancelled. All of us were waiting for Kim Hyun Joong’s comeback to small screen after Playful Kiss. The drama itself looks so good. It is not just another action drama, but it is a bit violent. For some of us who loves this genre, violent is what we want! *sighs* just too bad…


But no sweat to all whom have been patiently waiting for this action guy coz you get action and violent in Age of Feeling. Before I go any further, I just want to point out that there must be some political issue with KBS and the City Conquest production because Age of Feeling is as violent as City Conquest. Well, that’s my instinct. Who knows what happened… But I seriously do not buy the crap excuses KBS threw at the production and to us. OK, enough ranting. Let’s start musing with Age of Feeling instead *winks*




To be honest y’all, to be really really honest… I got lost most of the time when watching it. I just couldn’t focus. Too many characters to remember. The plots are fine but I just couldn’t follow. Perhaps I was distracted by hunkies *giggles*. But I love the music and the action. And because of these two combo, it motivates me to finish it quickly. So quick that I did not get to write this review while watching it. Yes, I was soaking myself wet with this super intense, well absorbed drama. The story is simple. Two kids looking for revenge on the death of their parents. In between that, they found friendship, love and unexpected forces in a place they never thought it would exist. The drama is set in the 30s so most of the feeling you would see are very old yet refreshing. The acting are somewhat believable. I really impressed with Hyun Joong’s comeback acting. Wow is all I can say. His co-star Soo Hyang however, she’s not up to the par with Hyun Joong so I was disappointed with her and her character.


I enjoy this drama for what it is but I really had hoped it would be as engaging as Cruel City. I’ve seen a few disappointed scenes but I let it fly because of the action. My hub and kiddo enjoyed it a lot, I enjoyed it a little less. This is a watch at your risk drama. You really need to have this mood before you start Age of Feeling. Good luck!



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