Breaking News: 4Men is Back!!!!


I love 4Men. Who doesn’t right? Their latest album, 1998, will be out on May 13th, that’s couple of hours from now. And they released a full tracklist of their new album to us! How awesome are they? SUPER AWESOOOOOOOOOOME! I listened to it and all the songs give me goosebumps! The songs and their vocals are just so harmony and in-synch! The melodies are great too! I just can’t believe it, they continue to be better and better on each album! To sum up in one word… Okay, two words *wink*: Simply Beautiful! Now I’m dying to hear them all! Can you blame me?

So here is a snippet clip of all the songs, jambalaya style, under one teaser MV. Eotteo eotteo? You like? Nan? Neomu neomu joa!

p/s: they are coming back as a duo… what happened to their 3rd member? *sad face*


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