Currently Watching: In A Good Way

800px-InAGoodWayIn A Good Way, my first Taiwanese drama this year after Aaron Yan’s Just You last year. I thought of giving it a go since everyone seems to enjoy it. And mind you, I still dislike dropping drama off my watch list once I started. Yeap, I remain loyal to my 2013′ resolution. So anyway, I was weighing of this drama and I wanted to watch another TW drama that was airing right before In A Good Way began. Again, I heard mixed reviews about that drama which I hardly remember its title. Some says it was great, others say it was just a meh. Meh don’t cut out for me… I need pure genius or hell. So out with that, in with In A Good Way. Plus, I read the synopsis and I was a little intrigue by it.


At first I hesitated with IAGW because it was listed as an hour and a half hour drama and it airs once a week! On top of that, originally it supposed to air for 34 weeks! That’s 34 episodes at 1.5 hours = 51 hours of your time! Boy do I have that much of time???? *shakes my head* sadly I said I do to IAGW. There goes my life! But along the way, the producer reduced the number of episodes to 24! Guess what? I was so, so happy. And then I realized, not all of the episodes are 1.5 hours long. Some only an hour and 15 minutes long or less. Seriously, I’m one happy viewer! *wink* While I was away on my work trip, I was unable to watch IAGW *pouts* due to net connection. I was not happy. So the first thing I did after coming back was to complete the series. Low and behold I found out it isn’t complete!!!! The producer extended the series by two more episodes!!!! WTF! Why why why why? So now I need the series is 26 episodes loooooooong!


Ok, I’m sorry I ranted so much but I ranted with solid purpose. As much as I love, love IAGW, the drama pace is wayyyyy tooooo slooooooow! And at some point (after episode 17), the plot annoyed me tremendously and they were boring! It pisses me off. Why do you do this to me??? In my opinion, the filler plots were unnecessary! Why do the producers have to go around and around and around? You’re giving me multiple migraines! Just straight to the point already….

1469866_682235211810490_752819868_nI know the major plots have its own purpose. But I’m just annoyed now. IAGW started with a bang! And if you can picture a graph, it goes up really fast and plunge down quicker than you can imagine! The only saving grace this drama has is the characters. The development of the four main characters are the best I have ever seen in my drama watch. The writers gave us the best character intro and it was thoroughly well thought and planned. I really enjoy getting to know all the characters including the supporting characters. And as for the story line? It’s just ups and downs of university students trying to find their own voices, freedom and space in their own bubble world. Simple as that.


In A Good Way received high ratings on MDL and highly rave by viewers. “Fresh breath of air”, “exciting daily life drama”, “refreshing example of nostalgia done right”… Yeap, I’m with all of you viewers. I just wish it is done in a tiny quicker pace… But I wholeheartedly recommend this drama despite my above rants. Why? Finding a great Taiwanese drama is extremely difficult lately! This drama is well thought and well acted. Give it a try… You might like it more than me!



One thought on “Currently Watching: In A Good Way

  1. I do agree the momentum tapered off once the OTP got together but that doesn’t bother me in the least because I love this gang to bits!! To bits, I tell you! I want to scoop them up and keep them in my pocket!


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