Wednesday Eu-Mak: B’day Celebration Part Two


Good day, yeoreobun! Thank you all for your gracious birthday wishes to me *throws confetti*, I had a lovely birthday celebration with my little man on Saturday. This weekend is my almost BFF’s, (I think we are now!) Michele, birthday! We chat every minute of our time! We created a tumblr blog together, Byung Hee World, early this year and it took off really well! We are literally famous, y’all! Anyway, this little chic will be celebrating her birthday in style! Yeap, she’s flying back to Seoul tonight to witness GO’s latest musical theater performance, The Kingdom of the Winds. She’s not just there for one show, but three shows!!!! *insert cuss words* Sigh… If I don’t have to fly for work next week, I’d have tag along with her! This is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity and I blew my opportunity to hold the man’s hands!!! Potentially twice! Or more! *cries in the corner*


So Michele, I love, love, LOVE you with all my heart and we are such a great team! I hope you enjoy these lovely songs because you ARE one smoky girl and extremely beautiful, inside and out! Saranghaeyo, Michele! *fist pump* Go for gold, catch our boy and bring him back for us! And for all my readers, please wish her a very saengil chukahaeyo either on this blog or via her tweeter @micheledemarco.


p/s: GO opens both songs just for you, Michele *blows kisses*


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: B’day Celebration Part Two

    • No, I LOVE you for joining me on my GO wagon! This treat is nothing compares to how much love you had shower me in the past year! I’m blessed to have a good partner! Now we just have to work on getting together and me wanting to shake your hands so badly!!! No offense, GO is priority and you is second now hehehhe


      • I have no problem whatsoever being second to G.O on your love list!!! He trumps even my family these days (obviously)! Riding this G.O wagon has been the highlight of my year thus far. He will be my last K-Shot here having ushered in 2014 with him, and I can think of no better way to end the K-Shot era. I guess he probably ruined me for any others to try and get my attention long enough to write a post. Even Junsu suffered!!!

        The best part of me getting thoroughly G.O-ed was becoming friends with you. What a blessing!!! Please, please, PLEASE let’s try to meet up this year sometime! In the meantime, we have our Ghost-fest for the summer and some YSH (we still need to watch Flames). OH..and we need to prepare for YSH’s discharge from the Army, too!!

        We are going to have a busy second half of the year!

        I love you! Big hugs..BIG!


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