Wednesday Eu-Mak: Groovy, baby!

party hard

Good morning, yeoreobun! It’s cloudy… *pouts* I do not like cloudy weather. I’m off today and I want to be cheery! That’s fine, I can turn things around, right? Anyway what’s new with me? I’m flying out on another trip again… I’m excited because this time, my kid is coming with me and we are heading to South East Asia. Wooppppeeeeee, the land of good foooooood! Yeap, that’s all I care! I’m excitttteeeeeed! Can you feel my excitement??? *grins* Hehehe I hope my excitement will flow into you as well…

As usual, I’m busy once more. I promise I’ll be a good girl when I get back from travel… Until then, all my Eu-mak post will be short and sweet. And for this week, I’m making it groooovy! I promise you that these songs will make you wanna raise your brow just a little bit, raise a shoulder to the beat and sway your body left to right and back to left. Trust me, you will. If not, I will work hard on my next post until I get you to enjoy the songs I picked for ya! *wink*

Okayyyyy, are you ready to dance??? Aaaah 3, aaaah 2, aaaah 1…. here we go!

And an added bonus because you guys have been so special to me…


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