Breaking News: OH.MY.GOD!!!! VIXX is backkkkkk!


This morning, I asked myself when is VIXX coming back and lo and behold, the teaser for Eternity came out today!!!! Am I psychic or what? Can you all scream with meeeeeee now??? *screams* This 0:24 second teaser just ship me straight to heaven! Jjinja yo!!! *insert your own cuss words* The boyz are loooooooking goodness gracious mighty hawwwtttttt! The suits. The dark concept. The eyes. The look. Oh hell yes the look!!!! Drop dead gorgeous!!! This teaser looks very typical VIXX but I DO NOT CARE! It represents them! The song is effing awesome!!! Did ya hear me???? AWEEEEESOOOOMMMMMEEEEEEE!


Goodness, now I have a reason to live! LOL…. Besides my love for MBLAQ (they are my number #1), VIXX is second on my chart! I need a balance between men and boys and these two groups represent both! *wipes sweat* OK, ok let’s not waste any time on my babbling…. watch the teaser! PLEASE, WATCH THE DAMN TEASER!!!!


4 thoughts on “Breaking News: OH.MY.GOD!!!! VIXX is backkkkkk!

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