No Fret… I’m Back!


Annyeong, chingu!!! Do you all miss me? Yes, I have been pretty much MIA nearly a month. And my hiatus status is about to expire! I’m still far, far away from home but my travel work is over. I’m glad that I can finally sit back and relax (well, not entirely true) and enjoy my “vacation.” *clears throat*. I do need another vacation after this though… But anyway, because I was on hiatus, I have few pending reviews that I never get to put up. So you will see some posts for Currently Watching segment but the truth is I already finished watching it. I do not feel like I should alter or make changes to my post coz when I wrote it, I was watching it. I also have a few movie reviews that I have yet to blog it but I will. It really is necessary to keep up with my blogging life again. Says who? Well… says me of course! I feel incomplete if I don’t. Yeap, I went through this battle with the she-devil in me *evil laugh*.

Here are a few of pictures I took while I was away… Not bad, eh? *wink*


Amuden, I’m back and I will not put this hobby of mind on hiatus until I start traveling again. I’m flying back to the States tomorrow night. It’s a bitter sweet thing because I’m leaving my childhood home to my real grown up home. It’s tough but this is real life… *wipes tears*. OK, so sit back and wait for more posts from me! Thanks for your understanding, chingu! *fingers heart*


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