Wednesday Eu-Mak: While I Was Away…


Hello and happy Wednesday, chingu! How was your week? Mine was terrible! *cries in the corner* If only there are 48 hours in a day… time tick tocking really fast and as you read this, I’m on my way back to the States. I hate to leave my family behind but what can I do, I chose to live far, far away…. Anyway, let’s not dwell on the past and march forward to a better life! And while I was away, so many freaking daebak songs were released! Frankly, I’m very behind in my kpop music. But I must thank Michele (my partner in crime) from  The Fangirl Adventure Log and d Erl from A Mix of Anything and Everything for sending some of the greatest songs every! These songs has been keeping me company throughout my two weeks of work. I have been listening to these songs religiously! And to be honest, they are my favorite songs at the moment!

The first song is by Aaron Yan for Fall in Love With Me OST (I’m currently watching). The song is titled The Unwanted Love. The lyrics is too sad yet the song is so addictive! How can this be? *scratches head* I simply can’t parted from this song. Aaron’s voice is very clear and he made this song easy to sing for us non-native Chinese speaker (I speak very little Chinese). I could understand nearly 75% of what he sing! I’m impressed with myself! The song is very catchy although at times, I found it super confusing. Is it a ballad? Is it a techno? What is it do you trying to make, Mr. Songwriter? Please clarify because my brain just keep wonders and wouldn’t let me enjoy the song entirely. Anyone knows?

The next song is by *raises brows twice happily* MBLAQ GO for Dr. Stranger OST. The song is called As If Tomorrow Won’t Come… This song is dear to my heart! Ok, I’m biased because I love G.O to the moon and back. But if you listen to this song carefully, the way G.O sings it… he’s really breaking my heart to pieces. His sweet voice really penetrates my heart I could break down and cry! He is THAT good! Unlike The Unwanted Love, I have no complain whatsoever with this song. It is perfect! It is well written and written with G.O in mind. Mr. Songwriter, you’re jjang!

What did you all think? Aren’t my friends the best? They took care of me really well while I’m away… *fingers heart* to Michele and Erl! I haven’t decide for next week’s theme but stay tune, ya? *winks*



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