Wednesday Eu-Mak: Park Se Young Can Sing?


Annyeong and good morning! Happy Wednesday! How are you all doing? I had a rough weekend since I landed back in the States. My baby suffered extremely high fever for days and he got better by Sunday night. That was a huge relief off of my shoulder… And thankfully, we don’t have any jet lag! Imagine if we have jet lag, it’ll take days to recover and I do not have the luxury to deal with it.

This week, I have been thinking what kind of songs I should feature for this post. And then Erl started to share with me several of her favorite songs. She’s currently falling in love with Jang Woo Young from 2pm. One of the song she shared with me was a duet of Woo Young with Se Young. I went speechless for a minute. Wait, Se Young can sing? Park Se Young? Jjinja? *jaws on the floor* I never thought this girl could sing. She reminded me so much of Park Shin Hye. Sweet yet mature. And her looks… Her looks is a bit exotic. I don’t know, I somehow drawn to her beauty be it in Faith, School 2013 and her cameo in Flower Boy Next Door. I heard she did We Got Married but you know me, I’m not a fan of variety show so I never know.  I discovered the reason she had a duet with Woo Young was because he was her fake husband. Well, that make a whole lotta sense! Perhaps, it was Woo Young that brought out her inner singer skill? Molla, I’m just speculating as usual and too lazy to ask around *snickers* She is at a peak of her career now because she’s the leading lady for Glorious Day. I predict this 26 year old, down-to-earth baby-faced actress will be the next “hot” leading star.

The first song is called Two Hand Intertwined. It is one sweet, sweeeeeeeeeeeeet song! Neomu, neomu joa! I feel like I’m ready to fall in love all over again with this song. As Erl would say, it “sounded like a little girl in love!” Yeap, I agree. This song is very R&B and jazzy and I like how the song made me sway my head left and right. Song like this is a great start to our summer, don’t you think? There is no official MV for this song so please enjoy this fan-made vid features the lovely couple.

The next two songs are of her with Standing Egg. The first word that came to mind was unbelievable! Yes, it is unbelievable! Ever since I got to know Standing Egg, I just can’t get enough of them. And now knowing that Se-Young had two duet songs (or more?) with them? I’m deeply in love with both of them! The first song is Shall We Dance. Just like Two Hand Intertwined, Shall We Dance is another summery and breezy song. It’s so soothing to your ears. This is kind of song that you wanna hear while walking by the beach or riding a bike in the middle of sunflower field… Yeah, that precious feeling you just want to be in for the rest of your life… *snaps* Get back to earth, Nelly *laughs*. But you know what I mean, right?

The other song is called Lean On Me. I fell in love with this song on the first beat! It is so melodic! Unlike Shall We Dance, Lean On Me is more ballad. A ballad song creates a romantic effect on me. And I’m giddy with this song! Such an adorable song, right? Sigh… I sometime wish I could be a singer. Well, I can sing but it’s bathroom worthy *laughs*

I hope you enjoy the songs I decided to feature this year. I’d like to thank Erl for opening my eyes and ears… Now I know this girl can sing. She’s not really a true singer per se but her voice is sweet and kind. I like. Thanks for stopping by… Enjoy your day and week. See ya on the next post!


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Park Se Young Can Sing?

  1. Aaaaah! Park Se Young! So that’s why you said I will see later.. Love the post and I am in love with Wooyoung and Se Young. 😀

    You’re welcome.. 😉


  2. Yes, I love both of them…Se Young’s voice is really sweet…makes you feel like having a cup of coffee and do absolutely nothing….


  3. I did not know that about her either! Thanks for sharing. I don’t have girl crushes, but I think I had one on her as The Queen in Faith lol. I really like Park Se Young as an actress. I even considered watching GD just because of her, but I have a hard time with the long dramas.


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