Just Watched: Angel’s Revenge


Last year, I added two daily dramas into my watch list. Crazy Love, the craziest daily drama I’ve seen in my entire life *no exaggeration right there* started in late February ended in August. I spent almost three seasons (spring, summer and fall) getting angry because of Crazy Love. The second daily drama I watched was Ugly Alert and I started watching it in late September. These two dramas are completely opposite. Oh my, totally opposite. Let’s not go there… Otherwise, I would go mad!


This year, I have decided to watch Angel’s Revenge along with my ladies – NeeNee, Belinda, Lena, and Cloudy (new member). However, because of my busy schedule and work travel, I’ve decided to watch the rest of the episodes raw with Belinda. I’m really thankful for Belinda because she has been diligently sharing every new episode with me through DropBox. Actually, this is quite funny. Belinda was madly crazy with this daily and wanted to know more and decided to watch ahead of us. Me being naughty, I called her cheater! Well, karma did not go very far as I’m now a cheater as well. We finished the raw episodes on May 26 but the subbed episodes are still ongoing! So Bel and I are now keeping our mouth shut but we continue to watch the show even though we have finished it *beams*! Why? We just want to make sure that we didn’t misinterpret the plots. Oooooh oooh, I sounded very text book-ie. Let’s move on to the story *wink*


Angel’s Revenge is 103 episodes long. The casts are great. I thought the directors did a very wonderful job in selecting the actors and actresses for this show. They are a bunch of fresh face even though I recognized a few season actors. But I like them all. The craziness they brought in is pretty believable. At one point, I had Bel to check on me once awhile because I was in utter shock! Yeah… I was so surprised and shocked I couldn’t watch any drama after that… I made it sound terrible but it is not…. So do not steer away from this show because it is awesome! Lighter than Crazy Love, heavier than Ugly Alert.


The story, though simple, has the complexity through the characters. I seriously enjoy them all. Like most daily dramas out there, Angel’s Revenge is nothing but revenge. But the revenge didn’t start until after episode 20 (or something like that) *shrugs*. It’s been awhile ya know… *sticks her tongue out*. Anyway, this is a story of a nun-in-training named Sun Yoo. She was forced (on her own will) to leave the monastery to revenge the death of her sister, Jin Yoo. Jin Yoo’s death were caused by her power and money craze ex-boyfriend, Tae Jung. When Tae Jung found out that Jin Yoo is pregnant with his child when he is in the middle of relationship with Ji Hee, an heiress to the company he’s working in, Tae Jung channel all his might to get rid of Jin Yoo. The accidental death claimed Jin Yoo’s life. But the catch on this show was that DalNyeo, Tae Jung’s mom witnessed part of the accident too. She was there and helped Jin Yoo give birth before her passing.

maxresdefault (1)

So now, Sun Yoo comes in to make Tae Jung admit that he is involved in this death. Tae Jung holding his ground dearly and admit nothing. Along the way, Sun Yoo become involved with Ji Seok which happened to be Ji Hee’s older step brother. Yeah, are you with me??? It is not complicated because these characters were written perfectly and you will not be lost.


The revenge is very clever in my opinion. The evil thwart aka Tae Jung character is written smartly. Ji Seok character is also written smartly. There are some silly characters as well… *giggles* so you will feel you are entertained. I know for some viewers, revenge plot is a turn on but the 103 episodes is turning them off. But I feel it is worth watching it… Come on and dig the dirt out with me… Let’s hold hands together and watch for the downfall of Tae Jung.


6 thoughts on “Just Watched: Angel’s Revenge

  1. Memories…. You realize this will become your SECOND highest read post? I don’t understand why people are STILL reading and watching Crazy Love regardless of how many times we warn them away!! Now if I could ONLY get you to watch King’s Daughter….


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