Wednesday Eu-Mak: Oldies Are Back!

Yes, happy Wednesday! Summer is officially kicking in! I know I’m late but who cares… July is considered summer time for me. Long weekend is ahead for some of us here in the US… I’m excited to spend time with my family after my looooooooong trip. For those in the US, HAPPY JULY 4TH!  This week, I decided to feature two groups that I know nothing about but their songs are helluva awesome! I’m listening to one of it as I’m typing and I keep pausing because my fingers refuse to work with me… Heck, they rather drumming on the table than be typing now! Yeap, the songs are THAT awesome!!! Ready to sway your head left and right, peeps? Ready to dance??? This is the week to dance and I’m gonna make y’all dance! *screams happily* Ok, let’s get to it.


The first song is a newly released, long overdue by GOD aka Groove Over Dose. Frankly guys… I don’t know them. Seriously, who are they??? Are they the oldie kpop group like H.O.T? Wow, they are…. really, really old! Wait, some of the members are my age! Wow… I could  be in the old girl kpop group, ya? Hahahhaha. Anywho, I saw their new song on my YT recommendation list on Monday night. I ignored it. I mean… Another new song? It can wait. And then last night, I saw Grace from Musings of a Twinkie posted it on her FB. What the…? *pardon my French, Gracie* If Grace enjoyed it, then it must be a helluva good song! Lo and behold, once I heard it….  it’s awesome! Two thumbs up! Two big toes up! These ahjusshis….. I mean men can sing!!! The song is super great! It’s a new age R&B! My G.O.D, where have y’all been all the while??? OMG I replay this song like 7 times  now and I could go on forever! Come on, come spazz with me!

The new song is called Sky Blue Promise. I found out that they released this song to commemorate their 15 year anniversary as a group. Awwwwww that is sweet of them. And if you look at the MV, you can feel their excitement! They are cute dorks, in my opinion. Very cute! And one awesome deed the men plan to do once their full album is out? They will donate all the profits earned from this album to Sewol relief effort. Super! I will definitely contribute for a good cause!


So now I can’t get enough of them… Here is another song I suddenly got addicted. Yeap, I’m easily pleased. Ooooh the 90s, how I missed thee and your fabulous songs, minus the fashion! Yikes!


So, the next song is by Fly to the Sky. Again, I really don’t know them… But their latest single, You You You is as great as Sky Blue Promise! But You You You is more of R&B ballad. This song could make you teary, really… It’s so touchy and a bit longin. I don’t really care for the story on the MV though… It’s a typical corny romance you see everywhere… All I care is the voice. OMG this hot duo… Why did they go on hiatus? They could have sing for OSTs like 4Men does in their spare time… Right? Urgh… make your time useful, boys! This is for your fans and your career too. Will someone pat my  head? I need comfort when I found great voices like these two went hiatus for too damn long.


And of course I have to search their latest song and found that they lend their voice for No Tears for the Dead OST. This song is called Years Apart. Warning to all of you who decided to watch this movie… The MV features clips from this movie. I don’t think I will be watching, it seems scary and I’m not a scary drama/movie person. The song though is wanjeon daebak! The song is very charismatic and emotional. Very soulful… Beware, don’t get startled by the sound of that girl screaming in agony… *raises her hand* I jumped.

Yeap, oldies are back! I can’t believe it… Just yesterday I was reminiscing over SS501 and how they need to make a comeback. I doubt they will… And hoping that TVXQ would go back together. Sigh… Wishful thinking, no harm, right? Amuden, have a great day and week. Stay tune for more music next Wednesday. Keurom…


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