Song of the Moment: Park Seo Joon Stole My Heart!


Heilige Scheiße! I’m having one MAJOR withdrawal after completed A Witch’s Romance last week. I missed Park Seo Joon already! What is it about him that I find him appeal the most? I wanted to say his smile… And then, even when he is not smiling, I still find him attractive. The way he walk, the way he talk, the way he pout, the way he sleep, the way he look into your (and mine) eyes, the way he hold Ji Yeon’s hands… his cuteness, his comical facial expression, when he got mad aeygo aeygo aeygo *screams* Whatever he does, I want them all! I want to be the girl walking next to him! I know I may piss some fangirls out there but ya know, I DON’T CARE!!!! It’s Park Seo Joon! My latest interest *fingers heart*. He made my heart race as fast as 186 mph!


What best is when the man can sing… Oh my my knees are trembling now. Goodness gracious, even though he need a little voice training, but when he pull that minor note on the chorus part…. My  heart longs for him  big time! Can I just ship myself to Korea right this minute? Ohhh emmmm geeeeeee Seo Joon ah, come to me noona! Come to your noona! I need ya, I want ya… YES, I WANT YA!

And when I found out he was in Dream High 2, I said ________ (insert your preferable cuss word in)! I quit that show but now I’m just gonna pick it back up for the sake of Mr. Cutie! And I quote from the girl at the beginning of this vid… Oh My God!

Another discovery? He was also in I Summon You, Gold! This clip that I stumbled is definitely G.O.L.D!!! The abs…. ABSolutely abslicious!!!! *droooooooooollllzzzzz*

Yes, I’m cringing just looking at him now. And the photos I stumbled of him??? I keep reminding myself this is a fasting month and I’m supposed to refrain myself from anything seductive as well, not just food. Well well well… I have a lot to confess later! *head desk*



Well, my last drool of the day! My day is made, yeoreobun! This post has gone out of control! Now  back to my dungeon of doom! Gosh, Seo Joon ahhhh… You just killed me softly with that gaze….. Ahhhhh noona killer he is!


I’m kicking myself for falling hard on this boy! CAN’T.GET.ENOUGH.OF.PARK.SEO.JOOOOOOOOON!


7 thoughts on “Song of the Moment: Park Seo Joon Stole My Heart!

  1. I don’t have time to watch all the clips right now, but I will later on! I LOVE that gif there at the end! Your post is totes going in my Favourite Finds post that I’ll post a little later. I have a Park Seo Joon section in it 😉 I have no interest in watching Dream High 2…but I might just have to google scenes where he’s in them! Ah! He’s so wonderful! That smile of his does things to my insides I tell you!


  2. I hafta say, DH2 isn’t worth it!! They don’t actually do anything with Park Seo Joon’s character, I’d rather pretend DH2 never happened for him! >.< That clip of him in I Summon You Gold really IS GOLD! So much awesome ❤❤❤ I almost decided that I'd have to watch that show for him, but then remembered the terrible reviews it got and I've decided I'll just go check out One Warm Word instead ^^


    • Maybe I’ll skim through all YT clips of him in ISYG coz I found lots of squeal scenes when I was researching on him hahahaha. So many deliciousness that I almost need an oxygen tank to support my irregular breathing… 😛

      I know One Warm Word is pretty recent. Hmmm you’re giving me some ideas. Hmmmm…


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