Wednesday Eu-Mak: Summer Relationship…


Jeoum achim, yeoreobun and happy Wednesday! Greeting from a very cloudy, cloudy day. But I’m not worried with all the clouds… it’ll go away away wayyyy *beams*. Are you all ready to start your day? Or how was your day so far? I am! I’m pumped! This is my second week of fasting and this Monday, I started a new workout called PiYo which is a combine workout of pilate and yoga. I decided to sign up with my coach friend and the package comes with Shakeology. For those who are familiar with Beachbody and P90X, yeah that’s the company I signed up with. Urgh… I sounded like a promoter! *laughs* Sorry but I just wanna let ya know what’s going on in my life now.

And speaking of life, one year ago was a wedding of my very, very good friend. The wedding was held in a quaint town of Oberlin, OH and I was part of the wedding party. A little bit history about my friend and her relationship with her groom. Uhm, her husband now obviously *rolling eyes and laughing*. I’m so silly, aren’t I? They met in Hawaii when they both received scholarship for a great Asian program (I’m so bad at remembering things now!) and their love blossomed since then. That was nearly 9 years ago. And then she attended a master program in Boston while he went to school in Singapore. She finished her school but he couldn’t because while he was in school, he received a work offer here in DC. He ditched school, flew back to DC and started working. All this while, they maintained their long-distance relationship. But somewhere along the years, they broke and made up a few times. And all happened in summer time… Hence, ladies and gentleman the story of summer relationship. My friend’s summer relationship. Don’t you worry, they are happily married now… *beams*.

So to commemorate their relationship, I chose these two songs as they appropriately described them. Mai & Josh, happy anniversary! I love you both so hurry up and have a baby now!

So the first song is a newly released song and it reunite Huh Gak and  Jeong EunJi again. The title? *giggles* Break Up to Make Up! *laughs* Isn’t it appropriate as to what I was describing earlier with my friend’s love life? This song was released on July 7, 2014. Nice date! And again, the MV is as adorable as Short Hair, released last year. The fingers are back! And it seems like this MV is a continuation from their previous duet for Short Hair. I like it! You can’t go wrong with Huh Gak’s awesome voice and EunJi’s sweet, sweet voice. Their voices are like match made in heaven! The song is just so wonderful and fresh. The summer vibe is so refreshing and you definitely can’t help but to sway your head to this song. I am loving every beat of it. The chorus is so great!

The next song is by 4Men. It is called Propose Song. See? I told you I have it all planned out. And you can never go wrong with 4Men. Great voices, great song, great performance… This is one ballad group I always look forward to. They  have the bestest songs ever. The MV is oh so sweet, cute and great. The element of bubbles and water incorporated to give that romantic effect to the main couple in the vid. And the pastel color lifted up your summer mood. The proposal is just so sweet and tender it makes me wonder why can’t I get a proposal like that? *laughs* In my dream, right? Anyway, enjoy the song!

I hope you all enjoy the songs I have for today’s post. It’s a bit late (2 hours late exactly!)… but never forgotten. Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Summer Relationship…

  1. Great post, Nelly! Great song choices, so appropriate for your friends! Love the finger one – it’s so cute! I couldn’t stop grinning while watching those fingers do their thing! ^^


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