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After Goddess of Marriage, I got quite skeptical in starting on another weekend family drama. I’m afraid of the angst, makjang like plots. It affects my mood and I do not want to treat people with anger. But because it has Lee Seo Jin aka dimple ahjusshi, I changed my mind. I fell in love with him when kfangurl introduced me to him through Lovers aka gangsta love story. Wow, that dimples… Really, really something. Can I go on forever? He’s that handsome!



Wonderful Days is a wonderful family drama. Minimal angst although I loathe the female lead’s mother to the max! Ooops, sorry I’m not supposed to say that out loud in the public *sticks her tongue out*. But for any of you who are watching this with me, I’m sure ya’ll would agree my resentment towards her. Other than that, the plotting of Wonderful Days is pretty awesome. What I like the most about this drama is the warm feeling you get being in a family which I’m lacking at this moment. Though the idea of living under the same roof with my parents can be a little daunting, but it has some benefits as well. You get to dine together as family (which I missed this experience the most!), you don’t have to do all the house chores alone and you can always count on someone to care for you when you’re ill.


collageAnyway, Wonderful Days tells a story of Kang Dong Suk. He was a smart boy in school but unfortunately, his family condition forced him to run away to the  big city in search of life and secure his future. He later  became a successful prosecutor and was sent back to his hometown to lead in one of the cases there. Because he ran away from home, he hesitated to meet his family nor staying at his childhood home. But later on, because of his ill grandfather, he was forced to move back into his family home and live with his family that seems strangers to him. Cha Hae Won, a girl who has been head over heel with Dong Suk, came from a wealthy family. Dong Suk’s mom work at her home as a housekeeper who does everything Hae Won’s mother told her to. She originally wanted to run away to the big city with Dong Suk but because of her mom’s nasty remarks about how he’s so poor and came from an uncivilized family, she was left alone. Fast forward to current life, Hae Won became a loan officer who gives a hefty fines for a loan shark company that is owned by Oh Seung Hoon. Her family wealth is all gone after her dad passed away. She is now living in poorest neighborhood and support her ungrateful mom (who still trying to act that she’s a rich woman) and her wannabe actress sister.


So the drama started when Dong Suk met Hae Wan through a fight with Dong Suk’s half brother, Kang Dong Hee. They both are working together and from then on, Dong Suk’s feeling for Hae Won grew stronger and stronger. But the object came from her mom at the beginning and it was hard to swallow. Later on, his family objected as well after they found out that it was Hae Won’s late dad that caused the accident that left his harabeoji paralyzed and his twin sister mentally challenged (though I do not see her being mentally challenged at all!).

collageMy last episode was on episode 32 out of 50. I’m certainly behind with this drama but no sweat, chingus coz once I started, I cannot stop. The story is so good and the surprises in this drama is Dong Hee, played by 2PM TaecYeon. He is surprisingly good in his role! I last saw him in Who Are You? and when I thought he was good then, surprisingly he is way better in Wonderful Days! The  boy improved his acting skill big time! *snaps*. And the child actors are extremely good too! When you think it is impossible to have great acting, think again!  Amuden, Wonderful Days is one helluva great family drama! I really, really enjoying this show! Besides, the rating of this drama is crazy high! If the Korean loves it, then ya know it must be good! AND IT IS THAT GOOD!!! Watch it!




6 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Wonderful Days

  1. Ooh, Taec’s good in this? I read on DB that he wasn’t so great in this.. Innnteresting ^^ I’ll keep it in mind for when I decide to go back to family dramas. I’m taking a break from them for a while 🙂


    • Taec improved a lot! And he’s so believable as Kang Dong Hee. I don’t read DB but a few of us on Twitter who are watching this see the difference in him compared to Who Are You?.

      Family dramas are hit or miss thing but don’t take a break from it for too long 😛 coz this one is definitely a hit! Ratings are 22%+ since it got aired ^^


      • I’m putting this back on my radar, thanks Nelly 🙂 I’ll probably go back to family dramas in a bit.. I used to always have one on my drama plate at any one time, but lately decided that a break might not be a bad idea, to give me time to catch up on the shorter ones 🙂


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