Just Watched: Vampire’s Flower


This webdrama was never on my radar until I saw NeeNee posted her review on Vampire’s Flower two days ago. I read her post and was intrigue by it immediately. It’s a web drama first of all so the length of each episode is short short, and it has 6 episodes only. Thanks to NeeNee, I finished all of the episodes in one sitting and if you decide to watch it, the episodes are available on YouTube. Anyway, back to Vampire’s Flower… As I read some of the review, a few readers compare it to Korean version of the Twilight saga. Well, I’m not a fan of Twilight nor I haven’t seen a single of it… *shrugs* I’m not interested. That’s all. *ducks from Twilight fans*


The story is pretty simple. I thought it was kinda juvenile in a way. I mean *shrugs*, it is so high school and the cast is pretty young. I only know the main female lead, Kim Ga Eun. I recognized her from I Hear Your Voice and Inspiring Generation. But the rest of the boyz… nope. The main male lead, Louis, is played by Seo Jae Hyeong aka Jae Hyeong from kpop group, A-Jax. This is his first acting gig. I say not bad, kiddo! Not bad at all. Another male lead is played by Kim Hyung Koon, also a member of A-Jax. He plays Reika. I guess this web drama is a gateway for these boys to enter the acting world. Kudos to these two… They made the show enjoyable and believable.


Oooh, sorry… I got steered by the boys, didn’t I? I’m such a naughty noona *sticks her tongue out*. Let’s get back to the story. Louis is a 150 year old vampire, looking for the missing vampire’s flower. Louis came to know Seo Yeong through her blood, she accidentally cut herself at the flower shop her family once owned it. She occasionally visited the shop with her high school friend there. Louis is a regular at the shop as well, looking for the missing flower human has stole many, many years ago. The drip of the blood from Seo Yeong led him to her. Ever since then, he haunted her night and day for the missing flower. The flower is very important to Louis because if the flower is in his possession, he gets to be the vampire lord every vampire is dreaming of. Of course, the road for the flower is not easy. Louis had to go through all the trouble including facing his own death which later was revived by Seo Yeong through her blood.


This web drama is ahhhhh-mazing. It is still juvenile but the adventure I went through on these 6 episodes was awesome! Because it is very short, I do feel that the story could have been developed better had it go through a longer episode. I hate filling in the gap. The chemistry is great. I really wish there are more vampire – human romance in a future. I highly recommend this drama. It’s a great watch and break between my 12 other dramas! And did I mention there are action scenes too? Daebak scenes *two thumbs up*. Gotcha… palli and watch!


2 thoughts on “Just Watched: Vampire’s Flower

  1. This web drama is a victim of not enough episodes to tell the story properly and extremely bad plotting and editing-that was a hot mess that really took it’s toll on overall quality. The story itself had nothing to do with Twilight and could stand on its own, and it is very sad that the showmakers felt they had to be derivative of Twilight in staging and marketing the drama to sell it. They did not. I think the manhwa has it’s own following and so do the idols, enough to get it some attention. The acting-as newbies I cut the main cast some slack on that, they did okay with what they had to work with. I found the A-JAX guys entertaining and compelling enough to hold my interest on screen. The lead actress, I’ve liked her since I Hear Your Voice and she was great in Age of Feeling too. I think we are on the same page on this on many aspects, it was promising. It just lacked proper execution. I’m glad you and NeeNee are covering the lesser known offerings like this in your blogging commentary!


  2. Yay! Glad you enjoyed it enough to review it, too. I enjoyed this drama. It was cheesy and there was some definite plot holes to be expected of a short web drama and it is very much a teen audience, but given the story and actors, I’m sure that’s exactly who they were targeting.

    Given my distaste for all things Twilight…Okay, i can stomach those movies (as bad as they are) more so than the books…I surprised myself by watching, but I had seen clips from the MV and had to see if I could find it. I’m glad I did. It’s cute and definitely shows potential for what could have been, but overall not bad.


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