Wednesday Eu-Mak: Body Parts


Good morning, chingu! And happy Wednesday! How are you all doing today? I’m doing fabulous! I feel good. Physically good. The new workout I started last week is doing its magic and my body never felt so good! My arms are defined in a strong way… The muscles are forming nicely and extending my arms longer. I feel taller too. I hope the next part I get to work on is my abs, the trouble maker. I’ve been out of shape since early this year. I’m carrying extra weigh at the moment *sigh* and it’s too much on this small frame. I’m trying to commit into this workout for the next 2 months and I hope to see a tone body by the end of August. Just in time for my Twitter gathering I say *winks*.

Speaking of body parts, I wanna know which Eyes Nose Lips do you like the most? Taeyang’s? Tablo’s? Eric’s? Or AKMU?

I can honestly say each version is different! I love Taeyang’s version. No, no, no, no… I love Tablo’s. That voice, that crisp rap voice but wait…. Eric’s acoustic version is also awesome! And then a little twist, a duet by the siblings AKMU. Eeotteoke???? *screams* I can’t decide!!!! Each singer has their own uniqueness. The song itself is magnificent. I’m so, so in love with this song so so much. Thanks to my sis, Heart_YB, for making me listen to this song. She was so excited when YG released the song she stayed up all night long memorizing the lyric word by word. Not that’s what we called a true fangirl!

Amuden, tell me which version you like?


What do you think?

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