Breaking News: Itazura Na Kiss 2 Comeback!


Itazura Na Kiss 2 – Love in Okinawa is almost airing soon!!!! I heard it is not a full season *womp* *booooo* but the season 2 is cut into two parts. As much as how disappointed I am, I DON’T CARE!!! I love all Itazura Na Kiss (Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean) and I’m ready to feel that bubbly love again! I love, love, love the OTP. I believe that Love in Okinawa is the part where the couple went on their honeymoon and they met another honeymooner and….. Well, I’m sure y’all already know the story *beams*.  Here are the pictures from their wedding… Aren’t they the cutest of all?


And here are some of the pictures from their honeymoon… Squeeeeee! *peace sign*



Aaaaah, aren’t they ADORABLE?????? They are! They are! Here is the trailer for this cutie show! *screams* Can September 12 be here already???? *fist air*


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