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When I heard Lee Dong Wook was making a come back to the small screen, there were no words to describe how I felt at the time. Too happy. Too excited. Heart palpitates 200 beats per second. I could spazz all night just thinking of him. His bedroom eyes. His fairest skin of ’em all. His abs… Oh my god, his abs! And his perfect posture. *facepalm* Here I go again *laughs*. But you know I’m not alone in spazzing over this perfect creature, I know a lot of ladies too. And then I found out the leading lady is Lee Da Hae. A pure beauty with bad acting skill. Oh boy… I cringed so badly. Flashback of her in Miss Ripley (which I couldn’t finish it – sorry Micky!), My Girl and Chuno. Seriously, they could have get rid of her character in Chuno. I seriously don’t get her existence in that almost perfect show… She slowed down the show. Just give me the men and their chocolate abs *giggles*.


For the longest time I was debating if I should start or skip Hotel King. But I love, love, love Dong Wook. I don’t care what people say about how bad his acting skill is. To me, if you compare him with Da Hae, he’s better! So I took drastic measure and told myself whatever… It’s for Dong Wook. Watch for Dong Wook. Live for Dong Wook. And so the journey began… It was June 1. It was my first day in Jakarta. Alone in my room. And guess what? I thought Da Hae wasn’t bad at all… She improved a little… But way better than I saw her in other dramas. But what’s up with that quirky, almost quacky voice she made??? Is that her interpretation of being cute? Errrrr… Sorry, Da Hae but you sounded ducky to me! Just speak properly for goodness sake!!!! *rolls eyes* ooooooh, sasaenghae *fist air*


Hotel King is a melo-romcom revenge drama. Does this category exists? Sure it does! In my head it does *laughs*. Why? As I’m shaking my head rewinding the show from the first episode until episode 28, I found that the show was funny at the beginning and suddenly the drama took a sharp U-turn and became melo and revengy. Urgh, the show must thank me for still watching it. It wasn’t as painful as you think, but I hate it when I got lured by the romance and comedy and then the show turned all serious on me. I hate pulling a straight face on the characters that made me laugh since the beginning. I do feel cheated a bit… But I should have known better. The title says it all. Hotel King. It’s a business drama. Oh boy, what have I got myself into?


Anyway, there is no turning back. I’ve invested all my emotions into this show and I’m happy to say, I am loving it! Yes, despite of what I have said earlier, I really care for this show. Every week I look forward for the latest episodes. The OTP is surprisingly very convincing. I ship them hard! Really, really hard! Cha Jae Wan is the hotel manager where Mo Ne’s late father used to own. Ah Mo Ne is the heiress where the hotel he’s working in. He’s a cold and arrogant yet a very confident manager. She’s a bubbly beauty who went back to Korea to save the legacy her dad had left. He thought she’s his sister. He’s trying to make her life miserable as a revenge thinking that her dad abandoned him. But when he found out that there is no blood relation between them, he felt relief. He became fond of her and she’s madly in love with him. At the same time, they both had to fight the man, Lee Joong Go, that raised him to become the man who he really is. It turns out, he’s been poisoned into thinking Mo Ne’s dad is his but turned out Joong Go is his dad! *cues horror song*


So this kind of madness mess yet juicy plots lured me every time. Wait till you find out who is Jae Wan’s mother… *rolls eyes*. Pure evil! My only argument is how can a mother doesn’t recognize her own child all this while? Did she really believe her child is dead? Really? She sure lost her mother instinct. *shaking ma head* Of course when she showed up in my screen, I have nothing but hate. She was the mean biatch I wanted to slap so hard! But I hate to call her biatch (even though I did) since she pre-warned Mo Ne not to trust her. But ya know what I mean… The more you said to people not to trust you, the more people take it otherwise…  I have nothing against the actress to be honest and obviously she did a wonderful job! She convinced me to hate her.


This week is the final week of Hotel King. My tablet has been cranky but you know I’m going to finish it as soon as the last two episodes are subbed. I think I’m going to finish it… The story can be weak at some part but it folded nicely. And for all I know, I only care that my OTP gets happy ending. They have awesome chemistry so I’m pretty sure they will. And as for you, if you are into business melo-romcom drama, this is a drama for you. Don’t feel intimidated by the word “business” coz they did not throw all sort of business technical term, it pretty much typical common sense plot. To be honest, I think you should give it a try… *shrugs* You might like it.



5 thoughts on “Currently Watching: Hotel King

  1. I soooo disagree with you on Lee Da Hae. I love her and find her to be a beautiful, charismatic, expressive actress. Her role in Chuno was a bit boring but there were moments where she shone. She was absolute perfection in Robbers. She knows how to kiss and have chemistry with her co-stars. I think I’ll try this drama one day for her. My only hesitation is because of the length. But my mom loves DaHae so much 🙂 I think we’ll both enjoy it when we watch this. The guy seems attractive and only from gifs, they look good together.


    • I do find her beautiful, don’t get me wrong. I think she’s very comfortable with Lee Dong Wook because of their past working history and makes her more relaxed than ever. Hence, she’s better in this drama. I have never seen Robbers and I could change my mind if she’s any different than other dramas with her.


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