Wednesday Eu-Mak: Are You That It Girl?


Happy Wednesday, chingu! It is cold cold cold here…. *grabs sweater*. You never hear me complaining about the cold temperature in the summer time  but here I am… It’s been in the low 70s lately. I’m happy it is not beaming hot but this is a bit too cold though. This girl needs some heat from the sun! Speaking of this girl *clears throat* *points fingers at herself*, are you that IT girl? The girl who is a trendsetter of anything… It doesn’t have to be in fashion, ya know? It can be anything… Are you the girl that gives men’ hearts dujun dujun dujun? Well, don’t look any further… Here are the songs that entice men a little more…

The first song is called IT Girl. It’s a comeback song by one of the Korean’s famous duo, Homme. The song is summer fresh and upbeat. The music is so appropriate for this season. The MV is very comical and I like that they incorporate non-Koreans in their vid. Thumbs up for diversity! *throws confetti* I love the color scheme of this video as well. It really cools down my eyes and it gives that romance feeling. The song itself is very catchy but the lyrics however… I’m not sure if the men are in love with the girls or just wanna get laid. I’m really confused. I know they are trying to make it fun but it can easily get misinterpreted… *shrugs* I don’t know. I hope no on misinterpret it into thinking that WE, that you girls and I, are easy on men. Mmmmmmkay, let’s talk about the vocal instead? I love the voices. They both have very low and not too baritone-ish vocal yet they are pushing themselves into singing some higher notes. Also I noticed how husky their voices are… Nice! Now, on the MV you can’t see how much stress they both put on themselves while singing coz everything is pre-recorded but if we are to see them singing live, I’m pretty sure you can spot some neck veins from the two. Anyway, enjoy the song!

Wait… or are you this kind of IT Girl? Yeap, the next one is APink’s version of IT Girl. Now they don’t have an official MV but this will do, right? They are the sweetest bunch, don’t ya think? I love APink. Their styles are very girlish. Well, that’s because they are still young and I… I’m still stuck in teenage years *laughs hysterically*. The song is cute and bubbly and they all sounded very teen. But wait, don’t you agree that the carefree Jamaican meet kpop music is kind of refreshing too? Right? I feel so teen right now *squeezes pillow*. If my husband knows I’m listening to this kind of song, I’m sure he’ll tell me to grow up. But shiro…! I don’t wanna grow up! Lemme me be your forever sweet girl, dear hubby!

So if you are the IT Girl, make it Shine! And that’s the next song by J-Min. I first get to know her when she lent her voice for To The Beautiful You OST. I fell for her voice right away. She has this very rock-ish, powerful voice which I like! And she has this very strong stage presence. Very confident. Her style is very simple. She don’t need to be styled heavily coz her voice itself is enough to make her shine. I like that about her. In this song, J-Min collab with Titan, the band who accompanied her in this vid. The song is okay. I have heard better ones from her but I’m not complaining. I would still listen to it…

I hope you liked what you heard today! Enjoy your day, IT Girl! *fingers heart*



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