Song of the Moment: Butterfly…


I think I’m crazy. Wait… *scratches head*, I AM CRAZY! I actually look forward to this song every time I watch High School King. I crave for Butterfly… There is something about that voice that made me feel so rebellious. Of course being a rebellious fits perfectly with this drama since the boy himself is a rebellious kind. And the singer’s voice matches so well with this pop-rock music. Doesn’t he sounded very sexy? My hearing thinks so. If I could make out with his voice, I would! I cannot NOT listening to it now that I finally found it on YouTube. You know how hard it was to find this song? There is no official released of this song so the hunt for it was even tougher!


As for the singer Ciel (씨엘), I found nothing whatsoever of him (or group). Anyone knows that you could share with me? The song is awesome and I would like to recognize the artist! *sigh* At the meantime, please enjoy this awesome song!


What do you think?

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