Stalking: Jang Hyuk


All eyes *finger snap* are on Jang Hyuk! Focus ladies, focus! The dream man of many fangirls is back! Wae….? Fated To Love You! Yeap, this happened. Oppa is currently the main lead of this Taiwanese adaptation romcom of the same title. This multi-talented actor and model has so many dramas and movies around  his belt. Let see… which drama I’ve seen him in? Hmmmmmm kay, Thank You. Chuno. Midas. A Tree with Deep Roots. Yup… Not that many. So I guess I really don’t know him a lot. But the past dramas I’ve seen him and with the current Fated, he just proven to me that he is very versatile and he can do whatever genre drama he put his mind to it. I was skeptical at the beginning with Fated… I wasn’t sure if he can handle romcom. Well, it turns out I’m dead wrong *heads down*. He is actually capable and purrrrrrrfect in romcom! Unbelievable! The last episode proves that he can tone down his over dramatic, hysterical laugh to being absolutely serious and completely head-over-heel in love with his co-star Jang Na-Ra as Mi-Young. *claps* Oppa is jjang!


So I heard oppa can’t sing… I heard he should ban himself from singing. Of course, I got curious and had to search clips of him singing. If you told me not to, would I listen to you? *sticks tongue out* I found this funky, weird blonde oppa rapping his butt off in this MV. I just had to watch it! And apparently Hey Girl is one of the song from his Ill-Fated album. I don’t know what to say after watching this vid… You tell me, chingus! *laughs*

Apparently oppa is (or was… *shrugs*) a dancer too! In the next clip, you can see how disciplined Hyuk oppa was. I believe he learned to tap dance for a movie but I’m not sure of the title. If you know, please share with me, neh? But I had fun watching him. It takes a disciplined actor to learn tap dancing in short period of time. I don’t know his background so maybe he already have dancing skills in him. But for all I know… He was cute and we could almost see the shy in him. Awwwww….

When I was watching Hyuk in A Tree with Deep Roots, I was not alone when the part Dam ah… Dam ahh… Dammmm ahhhhhh was on. My cutie pie was with me at the time and he got hooked by that scene! And since then, we would Dammm aaaah all the time! Though it took me forever to finish the Deep Roots, believe it or not, I had a bit of withdrawal when I finished the show. It gotten better towards the end again (the middle part was a meh… DramaFan from Stuck on Hyuk was holding my hand the entire time!) and I thought it ended nicely! The drama itself was awesome! *says the non-sageuk fan*. Because of Dammm ahhhh… DramaFan introduced these CFs to us and we (my kid and I) had to watch it. My son especially a big fan of the first CF. He would asked me play it over and over again… *wipes sweat* thank goodness we have passed that moment but once awhile, it still fun to watch it! Check it out, y’all!

See how versatile oppa is? I’m a tiny smitten by his awesomeness! And the man is growing handsome and more handsome as he age. Reminder to all men… Please age as well as Jang Hyuk oppa!




7 thoughts on “Stalking: Jang Hyuk

  1. I LOVE your post except for the Iris 2 pics gahhhhh! lol Ok, he learned to tap dance for the movie Please teach me english which btw is pretty quirky and funny. Check it out, you might enjoy it. I believe they still have it on Dramafever 🙂


  2. LOL I can’t bring myself to watch the singing MV! I just can’t do it. So many yummy pics of oppa here (he looks good w long hair)! I haven’t watched TWDR yet but I’ll get to it very soon. First two eps rocked! And by the way (off topic), I recently bought that black shin ramyun just to try although it was ridiculously expensive. And it’s yummy, but not all that different frm regular red shin ramyun.


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