It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 1


Mmmmmkay, the recap is back and I have my team with me. As usual, I have my regular commentator ADGirl to help out wit this project. Welcome back, ADGirl! We have been crazy busy with our works and families and couldn’t agree on the time. So our recap is not the usual recap you’ve seen previously. Our recap is more of commenting on the scene. I hope y’all like our new style. To spice up this recap, we added a new contributor. Her name is Nikki and she’s here to add the craziness on top of crazy ADGirl *hysterical laughs*.

As you can see, we decided to work on It’s Okay, That’s Love. We all agreed on this as the premise sounded awesome and for me, believe it or not, the poster looks very attractive! Yeah, I’m that kinda girl who judge book by its cover *shrugs*. Quit staring at me, will ya? This is me and I think this show would be a blast! Okay then, enough mumbling… Let’s get started.

Episode 1


Adgirl: Oh maybe we can get a good look at ourselves and diagnose our own issues. 😉  Delving into the human mind, as romcom Kdrama, I am sure we are in for  a huge roller coaster ride. Let’s begin!

Nikki: My automatic thought is that there will be a lot of crazy.

Missienelly: I couldn’t contained my laughs when I saw this disclaimer! Really? Would netizens take this seriously?

Adgirl: Someone must have at one point. Think about some stupid disclaimers we have as well.


Adgirl: Well he is a tad bit narcissistic! Like a K-Idol prison style.

Missienelly: Where have I seen this guy before? He looks familiar!

Nikki-He was in Inspiring Generation and Innocent Man 🙂  lol @ Prison Kidol

Missienelly- Aaaaaah… thanks for jolting my aging memory lol


Adgirl: Our leading man….. Already the playboy, I care for no one but myself, I am the world narcissist, is showing. I know I am going to love him. *Evil grins.*

Missienelly: But I thought he looks so schmexy

Nikki: Yeah, scheming on women 🙂

Adgirl:  He puts the MMMMM in schmexy. *drools*


Missienelly: I don’t know about y’all but I simply adore how they romanticize this scene! Gorgeous! LOL

Adgirl: I was surprised at the whole scene. I thought he was going for the girl and Jang Jae Yeol would be the “hero”.

Missienelly: I was curious actually… Why did he show up at the party?


Missienelly: Hyung? What? Why would a brother who just released from the jail went on attack spree? I don’t get it!

Nikki: Nelly, I think it may have something to do with the book that he wrote.  Maybe he used his brothers story.

Adgirl:  Perhaps he stole his brothers girlfriend. What else besides a woman, could come between brothers?


Missienelly: Cash!

Nikki: BOTH!! 🙂

Adgirl: Cash, it can’t be traced. 🙂  I want that purse. ❤

Missienelly: You’re reading my mind! Cash can’t be traced!

Nikki: You two plan to rob someone…lol

Missienelly: I laughed so hard! What planet is she from? Aren’t Korean men care about their appearances?

Nikki: Eating from the nasty bowl was a bit much for me.  But her thoughts were funny about Korean men.

Missienelly: Did she even wash that spoon???? I thought she wiped it with her top! Eeeewww!

Nikki: Nope, she did not wash the spoon…

Adgirl: I prefer to think she washed the spoon and dried it off on her shirt. ‘Cause otherwise eeeeeeewwwwweeee!

Missienelly: Good view, giraffe-shi. Good view!

Nikki: hahaha…long pale legs…I would rub them though. 🙂

Adgirl: Who’d a thunk, Giraffe-shi’s legs would be our first intro of his character? Not complaining.


Missienelly: Oh my gosh, seriously… I just can’t with these two dorks! Half naked KwangSoo and flowery boxer ahjusshi? Priceless, I tell ya!

Nikki: The way they were I almost thought they were a couple…lol

Adgirl: Right out the gate, I am adoring this bromance. Thought it was more of a father son relationship. So so so cute.

Missienelly: I hate time jump! Seriously!

Nikki: This time jump was serious esp when we know that his brother gets out in 30 months.

Adgirl: The time jump was great to me. It sure beat flashbacks to the story or 5 episodes of younger back stories. Just sayin’!


Missienelly: Uhmmmm… colorful towels? You’re right, ADGirl… He IS narcissist!

Nikki: I can’t say much since I color code my closet and the kids clothes in their closets too.

Adgirl: Also a tad OCD. What is it with the decor?

Missienelly: So is this the biatch of the show?

Nikki: I have a strange feeling about her and seems it was right as you continued to watch….Wonder what will happen since their books are the same???

Adgirl: WHAT their books are the same???? Hahahaha! Just kidding. Wonder what her role is… She usually plays the biatch.


Missienelly: This is a weird case. But does he/she really needs a psycho treatment?

Nikki: I think he does need treatment because he is continuously being beaten because of his personal choice.  His family needs to be beaten after all this.

Adgirl: what transgender issues on Korean TV? The censor board let that go? Wow! Good for them. Not sure how Korea views sexual identity, homosexuality.  As she said thought to hospitalize her to protect her from her family. I am with Nikki on the daily ass kicking.

Nikki: I wonder if transgenders are shunned upon the same way people with handicaps are.  You know they believe in being perfect so a lot of their public places don’t even accommodate those with special needs.


Missienelly: I was speechless. I know it’s tough to swallow for families…

Nikki: I had no words either for this one….

Adgirl: I can only chalk this up to culturally 20-30  years behind North America.  I am sure it has to do with honor, and the shame it brings the family. Not just the living family but the deceased members as well. The more I learn about the culture and history, the more I can see where they are coming from. No matter how wrong it is.


Missienelly: I have no idea what Tourette’s disorder is but his reaction was hella funnnnaaayyyyy!

Nikki: It is when you have no control over what you say or do because your body can have a mind of its own whenever it gets ready.  Here his is associated with involuntary tics.  This was funny!!

Adgirl: This scene was too funny. Giraffe-shi did such a great job with this. Nelly most often people with Tourette’s also suffer with extreme anxiety. Quite often as explained comes out under stress.

Missienelly: I guess he’s stressed coz someone else  is getting laid… NOT HIM!

Adgirl: Hahahahaha….. Well that or new people make him stressed


Missienelly: If only she knows what this girl did with her boyfriend…

Nikki: I hope she finds out that this chick is a snake in the grass!

Adgirl: Is she going to be the biatch in the show. Try to steal any man Ji Hae Soo, is interested in. When JHS finds out, I hope she smacks a bitch! *Shooting laser eyes at her.*


Missienelly: Isn’t this typical highly educated women behavior these days?

Nikki: I do believe this does apply to some.

Adgirl: Usually it does. In this case I am thinking more she is just messed up, probably hurt by someone or assaulted.

Nikki: I don’t think he was disappointed…he probably wished she had on less clothes….

Missienelly: I believed him when he said “a little…” I thought he looked intimidated at first.

Adgirl:  A little because she was not dressed to the nines. He looked uncomfortable more than disappointed. Then he looks at the makeup girls boobs. Haha, a typical man for you.


Nikki: I think this was an interesting power-struggle between these two.

Missienelly: Oh hell yeah… And awkward too! I kept looking at these two’s facial expression. They were both trying hard to control it.

Adgirl: One of my favorite scenes was their entire debate. Love love loved it! When Giraffe and Ahjussi are watching her to see who wins.


Nikki: I think this really irked him.  I don’t think he likes being in positions where he is not in control of the outcome.  I can see them having an interesting relationship from here on out.

Missienelly: Definitely. And I hate his response to her. Kinda belittling her a bit.

Adgirl: What would you choose? During this debate it was truly a battle of the sexes. I rather enjoyed it not being one sided, or one person completely being made a fool of and completely humiliated.


Nikki: So, do you think he will tell her that her boyfriend is cheating on her so that he can have a chance or do you think he will tell her to be sincere???

Missienelly: Maybe… But he doesn’t know her boyfriend yet, right?

Nikki: I think he got the hint when they were together and she walked up.  He knows he was in the closet with the other girl though.

Adgirl: I believe that is the reason for his comment. Which I thought was bang on, and yet a challenge for himself. Not giving the ass bf a heads up, but more of a ” What! She has no interest in me? She has never been in love. Let me show her, I am all that and a bag of chips. She will fall for MOI!”  Muhahahahaha! ( all in his own head of course.)


Nikki: Well, I think this applies to a lot of people in this day and age so I guess there is a whole lot of crazy going on…lol

Missienelly: I was having deja vu for a moment! Whatever she said, it reminded me of Master of the Sun. Taeyang!

Adgirl: While she is looking at the Sun rotating, I am going with more of the…. *Lightening flashes, big boxing announcers voice* ” I am, gods gift to women! She does not want me? LETS GET READY TO RRRRRRRUUUUMMMBBBLLEEE!!!!!!!!!”  You know a god complex.


Nikki: Why do I feel as though this young boy is going to cause problems later even though it seems he is trying to be good to him???

Missienelly: Trouble is his middle name, Nik! Look at his eyes!

Nikki: His eyes is what gives me the impression he will be in trouble later

Missienelly: I dropped Gap Dong but he reminds me of Lee Joon’s character! He can be the next psycho actor!

Nikki: I did not finish Gap Dong either…it started with promise but it started to go in circles.

Adgirl: I feel as if him and the plagiarizing girlfriend, maybe in on it together. As for Gap Dong, it was crack for me in the beginning and I dropped it. I was so upset to have dropped it. It was so bad it broke my heart. I keep questioning if they secretly changed writers.


Missienelly: Gosh… talk about being awkward! Seriously, how do these Koreans behave like that?

Nikki: This was very awkward indeed….

Adgirl: While it was awkward, I loved how they fought it around from serious, melo to light hearted and funny. The way Ahjussi sat down, then the passing back and forth of the water. The final comments between him and his chingu. Chingu, passes bottle “Not only cancer, my wife wants a divorce.” Ahjussi, passes bottle back, “Here, you need it more than me. Divorce is worse than cancer.”


Missienelly: Ok ok ok… I’m a little slow. I don’t get it!

Nikki: I think it is like saying, no matter the obstacle, if you choose to live then you will.  If you choose to die, then that will be the result.  Something like that.  He was answering her ques from the show.

Adgirl: I thought it was more this way……. She said both papers mean you are going to die. Only one of them says choose life, one says die now. Meaning to choose death now no choice you die. To choose life means live longer, we are all going to die some day. That is why both mean death.


Missienelly: I almost had a heart attack watching this scene! And the fact that I saw this episode three times… I really need 9 lives!

Nikki: hahaha

Adgirl: I was expecting the attack to be on him again, rather than her. WOW! what a rush for me. From the moment she got kicked down the stairs to capturing him….. It was funny, fantastic and crazy.  I am such an adrenaline junky. ( except for heights)I wanted to be in the car just for the crazy ride.


Missienelly: What the… Really? She is prepared! One control woman!

Nikki: She wanted to make sure he did not get in trouble.  People used to carry these in Germany all the time when we were there.  Alcohol limit is lower and their alcohol is stronger.

Adgirl: I cannot believe he even did the test. With his god like attitude even in the bar, I am shocked he is helping her at all.


Missienelly: Gosh… I can’t even begin!

Nikki: Interest and they never even slept together.  Guess a wild night can do that. 🙂

Missienelly: Oh boy… Looking forward to that!

Adgirl: Little interest? Who called after who, when the show was finished taping? Who pursued who in the club? He is saying that to try to gain control of the situation.

Missienelly: I thought he hold her like a baby! LOL

Nikki: hahaha He is.  Like he is saying to himself, I have to support the head. 🙂

Adgirl: I was thinking, he is like… The challenge begins. If I can be her hero, she will thank me, and fall all over me.

Wow… How did you like the first episode? I was not 100% sold but was very intrigued by the whole show. I’m not sure what… But Jo In Sung’s sneaky smiles enticed me to continue on. And plus these ladies would kill me if I quit on them *giggles*. Just kidding! With that ending with both of them laying down in the middle of nowhere, I do want to know what happened next… Did they wake up together? How will they be found? *shakes head* Yeah… Off to episode 2. Let us know what do you all think!






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  1. Had so much fun trying it this way. I am so happy Nikki, wants to come along for this crazy ride with Nelly and I. Hopefully it will not scare her off. 😉 😉


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