It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 2


We are back for episode 2! The story is warming up a little more. The entire episode, to me, is dedicated to “taking care of business” deal. He’s doing a mad clean up on who plagiarized his latest novel and she’s doing a tornado-attack on her boyfriend. They both solved their businesses beautifully, in my own opinion. By the way, make sure you grab a bowl of popcorn before you start watching it. Oooooh, believe me you’re going to need it! The end result of this show? Broken relationship. Broken friendship. Broken cars. And a whole lot of wine splashing! Don’t believe me? See it for yourself *grins*.

Episode 2


Missienelly: He should feel lucky that she left her number! Some won’t!

Nikki: I like how he balled it up then quickly picked it back up.  He knew he wanted those digits. 🙂

Adgirl: I feel like even though he was upset for the reason she gave her number, deep down he was like, YES I GOT HER NUMBER! Score one for me.


Missienelly: Oh, gross gross gross!

Nikki: I don’t know what’s worse…wiping it on the desk or if he had of eaten it. Ewwww!!!

Adgirl: tell me about it. I was eating a lemon pastry and stopped, I was so disgusted. I may have even puked a little in my mouth.


Missienelly: Maybe his brain is designed to see human genitals… I don’t know, such sickness happened in real life?

Nikki: maybe he is supposed to be a nude artist.  I don’t know but I am sure there is someone somewhere like this for real. It would not surprise me.

Adgirl: While I am sure something is not clicking right in his head. It has been said, that because Mozart, could not get the music to stop playing in his head, it drove him insane. The same can be said for this young one.

Nikki: Adgirl…very true…many of them were a little cracked up back then…


Nikki: WOW!!!  So you mean to tell me they decided to go with promoting both books at the same time?  I really hope that she burns for this one.  I noticed the young guy (w/the evil eyes) was there again at his book signing.

Missienelly: Yes he was! He must be Jae Yeol’s  biggest fan!

Adgirl: Wait you know there is plagiarism, yet you put both books out. You must be out to ruin him. I wonder if the boy has stalker syndrome. Everything, will be fine so long as Jae Yeol does not ignore him. Makes me nervous. *cringes fearfully*


Missienelly: Uhm wait… This is not another DramaFever sponsored drama, is it?

Nikki: LOL!!!!  I think that when I see certain company names too…buttttttt on Kdrama it was called Yeul Publishing Company…lol

Adgirl: I do not think so or else Crunchy Roll  would not be carrying it.


Missienelly: Another deja vu for me again! The telescope! Just like in the Master of the Sun!

Nikki: My Love From Another Star too…They were right in the meeting…someone had to give her the file if she was able to copy it so precise.  Can’t wait to see who...

Adgirl: The difference with the telescope is…. I think in this one it is more about appearance than enjoyment.


Nikki: His smile while watching this vid said it all.  HE IS ALL IN!!!

Missienelly: I know! His face said “sign me up!”

Adgirl: The smile was like he won the Lotto and is now going to claim his prize. He is so sly and smooth.


Missienelly: … GPS doesn’t lie, Tae Yong!

Nikki: In this case GPS is Global PINPOINT System because it just helped him to pinpoint how all the mess is happening and from who.

Adgirl: He is certainly taking it calmly. Not so sure that is a good thing.


Nikki: When he said the person moving in can’t be as crazy as them…I think he is SPOT

Missienelly: All I could think of is their shakin’ asses!

Adgirl: Let Giraffes-shi’s, twerking lessons begin. I laughed so hard at this scene.


Missienelly: I want that shirt!

Nikki: Me too…The back said SMILE.  Will look for one while I am out.  I saw one somewhere but not sure where.  If nothing else, a plain white tee, cloth letters and a sewing machine and I can make it myself. 🙂

Adgirl: Nikki we all would want one. 🙂 She always has the best tees and pj’s. She finds them with words or sayings that fit her character.


Nikki: Are you at the right house??

Missienelly: I loved it when she said “Oh my god…”

Adgirl: We know “Oh my god!”, at that point , is girl code for “Holy sweet mother of pearl, the hottie is at my door and I am dressed and look like shit!” His smile right after says, “Baby I am home. I win again.”


Nikki: I was thinking along the lines of he has three choices 1) Close the door like nothing is going on 2) introduce himself or 3) just get crazy along with them

Missienelly: LOL I’ll go with option 1

Adgirl: I think option number one is a good one. I was holding my breath for him to have a comment. Number 3 works for me too.


Missienelly: Are the writers just lazy to give him a proper name or something? I guess Soo Kwang works, right Kwang Soo?

Nikki: They were better off just using his real name.  I hate this.

Adgirl: Even my son was like is his name not Kwang Soo?  Shows you they should have tried a little more.


Missienelly: I really wanna smack his head! Have some manners!

Nikki: Right…just because he owns the house does not mean he can be an ass now that he has moved in. He almost broke giraffe’s hand….Tsk Tsk Tsk

Adgirl: The narcissist in the house begins. I have a feeling the handshake between Soo Kang and foreshadows,  there will be loads (for lack of a better term) cock blocking going on in this house. A lot of mine’s bigger than your, I am the man of the house. Between Soo Kang and Jae Yeol.


Nikki: My subs said, “You’re Prickly…I am too” then he called him an asshole as he walked off…lol

Missienelly: LOL I demand a rewrite!

Adgirl: I had ” Prickly” too. That made it so much more funny.


Missienelly: Again, with the color coding. Sorry Nikki, can’t help picking on this *laughs*. Now, is this some kind of hint to what he would become later on?

Nikki: lol  it is okay…his OCD controls him.  I control mine (to an but he may just become carefree later. Makes you wonder though.

Adgirl: Maybe it has something to do with his brother being a criminal. The stigma family members are left with in Korea, when someone goes to prison….. See I have it all under control. I am nothing like my brother.


Nikki: This here would not work if I walked in.  I would not want to even sleep with her with a room like this. *SHIVERS*

Missienelly: What??? You can at least still see the floor! Some room you can’t even walk in! Look at the picture… That’s the cliff on the end credit, right?

Nikki: This pic has water…I don’t recall water on the other one since they were at a rock quarry.  May have to take another look.

Missienelly: No no no, the end credit. Or maybe the opening credit… Oh my god, I’ve lost my mind.

Nikki: You can’t go crazy this early in the drama!

Adgirl: Nikki is right. No losing our minds till we are at least half way. If any one is going to pick out all the scenes with something wrong, it will be Nikki. 😉 Just looks like some of my kids rooms. I draw the line at food and not seeing the floor.


Missienelly: I think he cares for her. I mean… A friend wouldn’t let his friend embarrassed herself in the public, right?

Nikki: I think it is more his OCD.  He doesn’t like things that are out of order and notice he used her own hand when he could have just told her.  We shall see 🙂

Adgirl: If Ji Hae Soo, was not being so standoffish, he may have told her. Then I think, it was his way of being able to touch her and get away with it.


Nikki: She needed to hear everything she told her.  Being punished the way she is because of the choice she made to be happy does not warrant accepting abuse.  (I hate to say it but this whole storyline makes me think of Amber from f(x) because she has man hands & legs to me)

Missienelly- I agree. Just go disappear somewhere… And keep the good memory she(he) had with her family and move on.

Adgirl: Not only for her,  anyone in abuse situations, when someone believes they deserve it, so they stay. This had me all choked up. A very beautiful moment, and a well written scene.


Nikki: Heck no!!!  Guess he will have water in his room now so he won’t have to come out… lol

Missienelly: I hate that! If someone does this to me… Beware! I’ll smack him/her down!

Adgirl: Hahahaha….. Nelly, those were my sons words too. I do love  that he was so taken aback he was speechless.


Missienelly: I cannot believe this guy betrayed his own friend! I guess it is true, your enemy is your best friend!

Nikki: True!!  I am wondering why he did it though.  They have no secret relationship it seems.

Adgirl: His betrayal I am guessing, is her promise she will be his. IF he betrays his friend and helps her.


Nikki: OMG…this is totally how I observe a scene when talking with people and I know something is up.  He was trying to be nice to her and she messed it up.  He really was reading her stuff but she was not original enough to come out with stuff on her own.  I am beginning to think she was with him just for her benefit.

Missienelly: Definitely for her own benefit. Remember she said he never read her writings? That’s how I know her true intention. She’s not sincere. And because of that, of course he treated her as sex partner!

Adgirl: This is where I begin to think what he said to JHS is true. He treats others exactly as they treat him. Lee Pul IP used him so he used her. A moment of I am not a narcissist, I am taking care of me so  do not get hurt as badly.


Nikki: He tore that car up…lol  Then looked up and saw TY playing Spiderman…lol (I would really like to know who is singing the song in the background at this point (around 36:00) and when he is in his car and the boy is chasing him….almost sounds like Pharrell and I like it)

Missienelly: I tell you… This drama has good OST! I’m buying it!

Adgirl: I keep thinking of  Carrie Underwood’s song “Before he Cheats. I took a Louisville slugger, to both headlights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires. maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats.” Better the car then his friend and he goes to jail for it.

Missienelly: He’s a celebrity. He thinks ahead… Now we know which head he’s using!


Nikki: hahaha on mine it said Boyfriend….

Missienelly: These subbers… *rolling eyes*

Adgirl: Boyfriend for me too.  Aside from that. The smug look of I am not jelly, I got this one in the bag!


Nikki: he has some definite book material after walking in and seeing her in between her boyfriend and friend knowing they are swapping spit too.  Then Soo Kwang gave everyone’s life history in a matter of seconds…Then he DROPS THE BOMB on her about her boyfriend!!!

Missienelly: What a mess!

Adgirl: Still not sure if it was to help Ji Hae Soo or one up her that he let the “cat out of the bag” so to speak.


Nikki: Definitely book material!!!  I would say drama material but we are already watching the drama unfold…lol

Missienelly: They romanticize the fighting scene again! It was so beautiful to watch lol

Adgirl: While you guys are going with romanticize. I was going more with bromanticize. OMO it was hysterical. laughed so hard at this scene.


Missienelly: Huh? What murder? Who did it? Hyung sitting in the jail for his brother?

Nikki: okay, soooo….did he really kill people or does someone have a split personality between the two of them?  Not only that, depending on how detailed his books are…Mr Author could be a murderer…and the plot thickens…

Missienelly: Now we need to get hold of that book… Or whatever book he wrote!

Adgirl: my jaw hit the floor. Wae??? Chilma????  A whole new can of worms to this storyline. I for one love that it is being introduced and explained right away and not squeezed in on the last few episodes.


Missienelly: In 3 months!

Nikki: OMO!!!

Adgirl: In Kdramaland time, it is enough time to fix everything. It will some how be part of the climax of the drama.


Missienelly: So she developed her insecurity in relationship because of her mom?

Nikki: I guess so…My question is, When did her dad end up that way?  Also, did it start when her dad got sick?  Also, it seems that her mom is still messing with the Prez after all this time.  She looked wayyy happy on the phone while talking.

Missienelly: But she looked insecure as well… Was she embarrassed of what she done to her family? But if she is, she wouldn’t take the call at all, right?

Nikki: I think if she was shame then she would have just hung the phone up and not answered while they were there.  I don’t think she knows they saw her when they were kids either.

Adgirl: I do not think she does either. Especially with JHS, refusing to discuss her mother at all. Even on her sessions.


Missienelly: What a smart move, SBS! Have y’all seen That Winter, The Wind Blows? I was head over heels with Jo In-Sung!

Nikki: I started and did not finish..will go back one day

Missienelly: It was a beautiful drama. That’s all.

Adgirl: I saw clips but never an episode. One day, as it is in the pile of TBW list of mine.

Missienelly: It may be too slooooooooow for you. Skip it.


Nikki: This scene was TOTAL alcohol abuse…lol

Missienelly: Did he deserve it though? Or was she being a jerk?

Adgirl: It is the damned if you do. Damned if you don’t situation. If he did not tell her. When she found out, and it came out he knew and said nothing…… when he came with the wine as a truce, she would have done the same thing. I think he was sincere in his words. It was not about anything else. Two souls need in to drown their sorrows.


Missienelly: Did she deserve it? Of course! He was being nice and she’s being as a jerk!

Nikki: Yep, she did.  She was wrong and it was her mind that decided he was there for the wrong reason.

Adgirl: He warned her, he gives what he gets. She deserved it! I love that this drama is not all one sided for either of the leads. The balance so far makes it that much more hysterical.

What a beautiful ending… Both drenched in holy water! *giggles* I thought the episode ended on a high note! What’s next for Hye Soo and Jae Yeol? Obviously, they both will be enemies. Perhaps frenemies? Whatever it is, there will be tension in the house! Cold war! Ahjusshi and giraffe-shi will be stuck in the middle. Who will they sided? Can’t wait for the next episode!


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