Wednesday Eu-Mak: Heavenly


Happy Wednesday, yeoreobun! And happy August! Can you all believe it? 2014 is coming to an end in 5 months! Have you accomplished anything in your bucket list this year? Me? None… How pathetic am I? Extremely pathetic right now. And I am being a little pathetic and weepy right. I dreamed of my dad yesterday. Long story short, I hope he is fine in heaven and looking down at me in his happy, smiley face *wipes tears*. So when I thought of him, I thought of these two songs. Because I’m weepy… these songs speak volume to me and to you.

The first song is by Ailee and it is called… Heaven! This is Ailee’s first debut song. Her voice reminded me of Rihanna! The song is wonderful and I was extremely mesmerized by her voice when I first heard it. That big, soulful R&B voice… L.O.V.E!!!! And she sang it with charisma…! I like that!

The next song is an old song taken from Shinobi (Japanese movie) and it’s also called Heaven. The song is in Japanese and it was performed by Ayumi Hamasaki. Now THIS is one awesome, awesome song. It’s a hair-raising song to be honest! When I first heard it, I told myself I must buy it! I have to have it in my collection of songs. The more I listen to it, the more in love I get. I just want to make out with this song. This heart-wrenching tune burst me into tears… And you can’t deny her beautiful voice. The traditional Japanese element incorporated into this song got me immensely! I love it! Even the instrumental version of this song is wonderful! Gosh, I really don’t know how else I could pour my emotion out with this song. Go ahead and listen to it… and you will be resonated to heaven with smile! And I hope you enjoy this MV version. What a superb performance!

Heavenly songs, right? I hope you  have a heavenly week! Enjoy your day!


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