Song of the Moment: Best Luck


I’m so, so in love with this song. I found myself, surprisingly, humming and singing to this song while doing my backyard with my husband this afternoon. Husband said “that’s not the usual song (Smoky Girl by MBLAQ) you’re singing today… what is it?” Gasp! He liked it! I never thought he would pay attention to me at all! Amuden, Best Luck has been glued in my head all day. Even when I was working out it keeps spinning in my head… Good thing I didn’t break any bones today *laughs*. Best Luck is so addictive and catchy. The tune is so mood uplifting and Chen’s wonderful vocal really lifted up this song! It’s almost very inspiring in my opinion. I never pay any attention to EXO-M Chen before this but I think he’s in my “people to watch” list now. He’s adorably cute…


Sorry, I just had to add this massive pic of him in flowery-meet-what-the-hell-is-he-wearing pic into this post just to remind ya and I that only stars like him can rock this look! One day, I too, will rock this look *fist pump* *feeling inspired*. Mmmmmkay let’s not waste any time of my late craving (it is 11:54pm on Sunday night) coz the point of this post is to enjoy this song!


What do you think?

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