It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 3


Yeoreobun, the madness continues on in this episode 3. The wine splashes have created a war between Hye Soon and Jae Yeol. Bottom line is… You don’t wanna mess with these two! Boy, aren’t we lucky we don’t share the same roof as theirs? Wait a second… I’m sure some of you would like to experience the madness. Uhmmmm Big Brothers mad house, anyone? *laughs* Alright, join Laurie, Nikki and I discussing the commotion we got on this episode.

Episode 3


Missienelly: So by her ringing the alarm, it’ll alert everybody? Where is the cafe at? The same building as the home? Also… I thought she was being a brat in the house! Seriously… She is a doctor!

Nikki:I don’t think I was fully awake when she rung that alarms.  It scared the heck out of me.  Interesting how he owns everything they live in or work at.  Not sure where the cafe is or his office space.  This has to be one big bldg if they are all connected.

Adgirl: I was shocked by her actions! She did believe his soul purpose in telling her about her friend and boyfriend, just to hurt her.


Missienelly: She has lost it! Angers taken over her mind!

Adgirl: I think she is more angry, at the fact JJY stirs up feelings she doesn’t understand or can control. So much so she’s unable to dress properly. 🙂 That or she is using the anger just to see him. She is so giddy she can’t put her pants on right.

Nikki:  This chick is a little off balance in the head herself it seems due to attraction hormones


Adgirl: Really he is saying, “Damn girl, you are so fine. Do you want me too?”

Nikki:  I would have said…”Hell Yeah I am and that is why you are now living here to see me”

Missienelly: I sensed sarcasm in his tone!


Adgirl: her real thoughts, “I want you so bad I can’t think straight!” *evil grins*

Nikki:  RIGHT!! ^^

Missienelly: Bahahahahaha


Missienelly: So this is how you look like when you become instantaneously homeless!

Adgirl: They do not look homeless, more comfortable with each other.

Nikki: They are about to be real comfortable with each other while living in a cardboard box together.


Nikki:  I don’t think I have ever looked that seductive over disappointment

Adgirl: I do not think I have either. Then I think of Gong Hyo Jin and I am reminded no matter what she wears she is always that beautiful.

Nikki:  This was the girl that asked for him to buy cigs although they do look the same. 🙂

Missienelly: Who does she thinks she is? She’s more gangsta than he is…!


Nikki:  This Loser!!  In Kdrama fashion, I am sure he will be sick the next day and need her to take care of him…she better not go

Adgirl: ^^ EXACTLY^^  I say knock him to the ground and rub his face in the mud.

Missienelly: I see “desperate” all over his face!


Nikki:  “Head Doctors” could go so many ways….I won’t go there. *Evil Grin*  So…if he writes about them and they see that it is about them…I know the kaka is going to hit the fan.

Adgirl: Head Doctors- Maybe a good read. 😉  …. They did not even clue in when they saw the boards and know he is writing a book.

Nikki:  They just look at it as organization crazy…she knew used some of their phrases but she did not think twice.

Missienelly: The question is… will he include himself as one of the mad character of “Head Doctors?”


Missienelly: She made a good point, ya know? If he loves her so much, sex is nothing.

Nikki:  Right, if he loved her, he would wait until she was ready no matter how long it took.

Adgirl: 300 hundred days…… What is that in a lifetime? He is a waste! Hopefully she will not give in.


Missienelly: Bahahahaha these two are the oddest bromance EVER! I thought they were ready to bawl it all out on the “break up of the year”!

Nikki: This is the oddest Doctor/Patient relationship EVER…they do both look as though they are about to cry.  Kwang Soo/Soo Kwang looks like he is ready to take him out. (P.S. Mr Writer heard everything….do you think he feels she is more of a challenge now?)

Adgirl: I giggled my butt off in this moment. As for Mr.Writer, what started out as challenge, I think this moment is where the challenge becomes interest.


Nikki:  He can cook for me any day.  She should be the one to apologize anyway.  It was her doing.

Missienelly: *nods* She started it!

Adgirl: Yes she did start it. He is determined to finish it. It seems to have a bit of a  “Pride and Prejudice” theme to it. Which I am a total sucker for.


Nikki: Ummmm…maybe it is me but he looks like the boy in the hospital that draws the naked pictures…. hmmmm…Could they be brothers??? *Cue creepy music*

Missienelly: It is you. Your eyesights have gone cray, Nik *sticks her tongue out*

Adgirl:  Nikki just wants more of the boy in the hospital scenes. 😛


Nikki: They really like to throw that line in her face…rub salt in the wound why don’t cha.

Missienelly: Why not? LOL

Adgirl: No I don’t, that’s why I am single. I love it.


Missienelly: I really really AM curious about him. I really wanna know his side of the story. It hurts me to see him crying like this…

Nikki:  Hmmm…after seeing the title of his book as “Two Brothers” I am thinking that he is actually brothers with the one in the hospital…something just seems strange.

Missienelly: Right? I was scratching my head 3 times (coz I saw this episode 3 times anyway…).

Adgirl: Maybe the stepfather is an uncle or something to this boy, who is out for some truth or revenge.


Missienelly: hmmmmmmm *rubbing chin* is the boy writing biography novel on Jae Yeol? What does he know that we don’t? Well… Obviously everything *laughs*

Nikki:  I don’t know…we had pretty good speculation in the first two eps so I think we know just as much. 🙂  Also, interesting conversation to have while she is in the room.

Missienelly: very interesting… I hope she paid attention!

Adgirl: Again back to the stepfather revenge theme. What if his father is a friend of Mr.Writer’s, Hyung? He is being beaten to get the story? OMO! Terrible place to be put in.


Nikki:  They both have a similar issue about them and what they saw and how it has affected them.  *SIGH*

Missienelly: Wouldn’t make it better if she say she could relate to him? Will that helps her misery as well?

Adgirl: Not always in this situation. The patient can shut down even more because they may take it as the Dr. playing games. I like how she is using Mr.Writers ideas to get him to talk.


Nikki:  “Let’s become friends…whatever that means”  Well, it means that you are going to find out that you were right about him being Mr Writer’s brother and that some shady stuff has gone on between them.  Stay Tuned Doc….

Missienelly: He sure is smart! I’m dying to know the truth now!

Adgirl: what a coin artist. I hope Doc does not fall for all his tricks….. The history, and science he is pulling out of his a$$ to avoid serious discussion. I am sure he is a sociopath, and just blaming his brother. Curiouser, and curiouser.


Missienelly: Ka-ta-ka-ta-talkkkkk!

Nikki: Funny, and I just started using it…lol

Missienelly: That’s my ringtone and my kid loves it!

Adgirl: I just started using it too. My heart skipped a beat in this moment. Even if it is about staying in the apartment.


Missienelly: That’s right!

Nikki:  lol!!  I like how he was dancing in the background as they were leaving

Adgirl: Sly fox of a Doc….. I am guessing Doc can sense she has never been so frazzled or off hr path around a man/ Mr.Writer certainly breaks her walls down.


Nikki:Right…location does not make you a perv…makes you adventurous ^_^.

Missienelly: He is the only character that will remain misunderstood throughout the show.

Adgirl: hahahahaha! Poor Giraffe-ssi, just wants to be loved.


Nikki:  For all those toys…you better get consent…Better yet, do a lovemaking background check before you sleep together…then you will know what they like for sure. 🙂

Missienelly: Make sure brings a doctor’s note too!

Adgirl: Now the discussion of toys….. Hehehehehe. My naughty girl brains, totally went to the gutter. In a fun upbeat child-like sort of way. Muhahahahaha…. * devilish grins*


Nikki:  Awwww, he called him friend.  My subs said crazy instead of nut-job.  I like nut-job better 🙂

Missienelly: I thought it was BE-YOU-TI-FOOL of him to say that! The start of a friendship!

Adgirl: *swoons* So that bromance begins. Some fine kick A$$ moves to boot…..Love it!


Missienelly: We are on the third episode and more fighting scene. I’m feeling spoiled! They better have fighting scene on every episode now!

Nikki:  I absolutely love the scuffles in this drama.  I like when he sat down in the chair when he tried to pic it up.  I agree…there better be one from here on out.  (My subs said, you thugs, you jecks, you thugs)…time for a rewrite. 🙂  All the while, Soo Kwang is on the ground in his own tic’s world.

Adgirl: The fighting scenes are the best. I do hope they continue to have more. When Hae Soo, was fighting with the other girl and then continues by taking on the brother.


Nikki:  My subs were nothing like this….I digress  He knew he wanted to hold her hand to begin with.  Another crazy night for them to get closer. ^_- **In other news…I wonder what happened to the crazy stalker kid**

Missienelly: I noticed the hand holding thing. He’s scheming her!

Adgirl: scheming in a sense but he did not purposefully set up the fight. The smile on both of them is a fantastic natural moment. Again walls on both sides are broken down.


Missienelly: Is there any meaning to this? I’m gonna just keep this on the back of my mind… Just in case if this is some sort of clue.

Nikki: had subs for a number.  Either this is where the blame game between him and his brother happened or this is where he takes all his victims good and bad ones.

Adgirl: Maybe it is the date of what happened to the stepfather, or the date Hyung went to prison.

Missienelly: Let’s keep this in mind!


Nikki:  Like we could not tell he had issues from the start.

Missienelly: Duh Jae Yeol…

Adgirl: He is willing to let her into his world and tell her about it. *swoons* again.


Nikki:  Wonder why he wants that to be him.  He is a little strange like almost stalkerish…

Missienelly: Look at that face… He’s selling himself hard to her! Not buyin’ it!

Adgirl: I am a little worried for her now. Her defenses are down and she is alone in his apartment and no one knows where they are.


Nikki:  Hmmm…I got nothing.  I did watch till the end to see what the end pic was you mentioned. 🙂

Missienelly: He’s taking advantage of her! That’s all I could think off! What a playa!

Adgirl: Are we going to see her have full out panic attack? Is she going to beat him to death? Well he does break her defenses so easy.

Kyaaaaaaaaaa… What a playaaaa! He kissed her! What was it for? Was he in the moment? Will she kiss him back? *pulling hair* While most people would be pleased with this kiss, we have to be a little wary as these two don’t get along well at all. She’s one feisty chic and he is a little fickle.  Oh my god, how is the next episode will be? How would she react knowing that a kiss is a major sin in her dictionary! *bites nails* Will the next episode be awkward between them two? Aaaaah molla molla… Let’s find the answer on the next episode!


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