It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 5


So… yeah. Last week. Hmmm… where do we even begin? Who is that boy? Is he a ghost? Jae Yeol’s invincible friend? Who? Oh my god… All of us were in shocked! We didn’t expect it at all. But do we expect on the fifth episode? The truth. The truth about this boy. The truth about Jae Bum. The truth about Jae Yeol. So how will the writers reveal the truth? Let’s find out together, yeoreobun. Let’s watch episode 5 together!

Episode 5


Nikki:  Because looking at Psycho Writer dance around really is funny 🙂

Missienelly: Why not, right?

Adgirl: I am in the safety and privacy of my own room, no one  has to know, I want to see him all the time. He is not home so let’s just watch the hotness…..


Nikki:  He is desperate…he keeps speaking of the truth syrum and everything….something is just not right.

Missienelly: I really need to know exactly what happened in the past. No one is speaking up! I don’t hear clues but he said his  brother is the killer.

Adgirl: I wonder if it is his own beliefs to get his name cleared, or to create scandal so Mr.Writer will give home hush money.


Nikki:  Uh Oh!!!  He is talking and NO ONE is there and crazy girl sees him.

Missienelly: Her face was clueless too!

Adgirl: HHhhmmm! I am guessing he is having a psychotic break. Not sure yet, but the truth shall be revealed.


Nikki: Took her long enough to realize he wasn’t with her in the bedroom

Missienelly: Oh boy… No wonder he has a locker to his bathroom!

Adgirl: Maybe he left the bathroom and went to the livingroom, without turning on the lights.


Nikki:  Now we know that something is just not right with him

Missienelly: But for him, the boy seems very real! How do we deal with this, ladies?

Adgirl: Whatever happened had to be so traumatic. Maybe its due to whatever happened with his Hyung, mom and dad. We are sort of getting snip its of his younger life.


Nikki:  I think he likes to hang with kids because it requires no thought process and he can just be free so to speak.

Missienelly: And someone that can relate to him.

Adgirl: Maybe he feels compelled to help kids in trouble. Mentors them to show them life will not always be so harsh.


Nikki:  He is always teasing her about being so nice and innocent.  Wonder if it is because he is hiding something from her and feels she is just too trusting.

Missienelly: I don’t know… I can’t read his mind.

Adgirl: She is always calling him a playboy.  Maybe it is his way of defending himself. Her innocence cuts off her ability to understand him…. That’s my take on it.


Nikki:  REALLY?!?!  Seems she considers none of them as men…go figure.

Missienelly: Where is her robe???

Nikki:  Notice her towel is tied in the back??  Who does that??

Adgirl: ^^ The stylist  who helped dress her…. Hahahahahaha. Seriously how is she a Shrink Doctor? I do love how clueless she is to the fact they are all checking her out.


Nikki:  Okay, how in the world does he just drive down the street and this kid appears???  Again, I think his mind is his playground.

Missienelly: I really don’t know what to say… I’m still in shock at the last episode.

Adgirl: The car opening  closing etc really have me confused….. Let’s see what the hospital says.


Nikki:  This was a random bit to throw in.  I mean, was it really necessary?  She just HAPPENED to be the only one to hear the lady scream…

Missienelly: Why is this scene matter? Filler?

Adgirl: I am guessing with the new development of Mr.Writer,  it will help her to help him later down the road. Other than that not sure except filler.


Nikki:  He may as well accept that he needs Viagra…lol

Missienelly: This doctor is so in denial. And his ego is up to the roof!

Adgirl: Is he not the Doc chingu who has cancer? He needs something….


Nikki:  They are too much alike for this kid to be an actual person…and everywhere he goes everyone speaks of how they don’t see him or that he did not check in at this particular time.

Missienelly: Look at ‘em two! Such dorkies!

Adgirl: Such a cute moment. He waits for hours and no one asks him what is he doing there?


Nikki:  I like how fast he counted and they ran to the car without her…lol

Missienelly: Oh Doc Uncle Joe… I rest my case on him. He needs therapy too!

Adgirl: He does go to therapy. Remember the argument with his friend and colleague? Not only do they run for the car, they jump in the back seat.


Nikki:  I love these two together…I like how Soo Kwang tells everyones business including his own like it is nothing. 🙂

Missienelly: They live in the same house. Why bother hiding it *wink*

Adgirl: I really believe this is how Doc  works with his patients. He is forcing her to face her feelings. Sees she does things with Mr. Writer, without fear or panic.


Nikki:  Hmmm…did I see sparks flying from these two just now??

Missienelly: I saw it too! She’s opening up a bit… wee bit.

Adgirl: Just a bit of heat and electricity….. She loves it, without realizing it.


Nikki:  Yep, he just saved the day.  Who would have thought that Mr OCD would just dive in water like that?

Missienelly: OMG I thought he was about to get drowned  by her!

Adgirl: I thought Miss Loveless was going to have to save him and give him CPR! 😉


Nikki:  He was a bit too excited about saving her.  Could this be a hint to his past?

Missienelly: For him, it’s a major success. Maybe because he couldn’t save his own dad or family?

Adgirl: A possibility of a clue to his past. I am glad I was not the only one thinking she could give him CPR. He was too. * fangirl smiles*


Nikki:  Another Bromance has begun 🙂

Missienelly: *cue romance song*

Adgirl: Let the real bromance begin. Acceptance for both is sweet.


Nikki:  I think that both of them want to be loved

Missienelly: Just go for it! Throw all the doubts away!

Adgirl: I think they NEED to be loved.moments like these have me thinking their passion and love will explode.


Nikki:  NOW HE KNOWS!!!  What will he do with the information that he has?

Missienelly: OMG I know, right? How will he look at Jae Yul now? Will he suspect him?

Adgirl:  Wow! Did you see the picture of a young Jae Yul? He looks pretty beat up.  I bet Doc is going to try to fix the broken relationship.


Nikki:  OMG!!!  Seems we were right…Mr Psycho Writer actually did the killing and his older brother was just caught holding the knife…Dun Dun Dunnnn!!!

Missienelly: What? I’m missing this part. *runs to watch again*

Adgirl: It is still not clear as to what happened. Poor poor Jae Yul.


Nikki:  The truth has set us free….of our guessing that is.

Missienelly: Ani ani… this must be some sort of an accident. What about the mom? Maybe she’s the one that lead her boys to kill her husband? No?

Nikki:  Not sure but she did see what happened…It seemed their dad lunged at Mr Psycho Writer and he fell on the knife. While he was passed out, his brother tried to take the knife out and got caught by mom.

Adgirl: ^^^ I am of the same belief as you know.  There are even  more questions, than answers right now.


Nikki:  The bathroom must be his little safe place.

Missienelly: Can we get a clean public bathroom like this? Can someone tell the national park people?

Nikki:  Right, you could do a white glove test in this one.

Adgirl ^^ It is my understanding from something I watched. Awhile ago, South Korea has the cleanest parks, rest stops etc in the world. I believe it was on EYK. It is a safe place for him. The poor guy. Imagine having to hide in a shit hole to survive. The fear he must have endured to do it.


Nikki:  This is blooper reel material…he has his hands in his pockets and then like magic…he has a bottle of water.  REALLY?!?!?! He is really becoming comfortable around her when it comes to conversations and so is she.

Missienelly: Hah, I did not catch that bottle! Good eye, Nik!

Adgirl: For him to share with her his trauma, is huge. I believe he did it because her reaction was one of acceptance, sadness for him. He is trying to show her he is not so bad after all.


Nikki:  EPIC END!!  ❤   She is now letting loose a little and she was actually all into the kiss.   She kissed him back deeply.

Missienelly: Hmmmm mmm she sure kissed him! So, this is mutual, right? RIGHT?

Adgirl: They truly break down each others walls, without either of them realizing it. Me thinks she has never kissed like that before. This kiss scene is so amazing. Both relaxed, no thought, just relaxed and natural. I loved how her own hands came up to cup his face so gently, when he broke away and kissed her again. Truly some very heated passion, chemistry. I have to add as hot and real as INR 3’s beach kiss scene.

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…………. *happy jump* Like Nikki said, what an epic ending! The kiss was timely and appropriate! And the best part? He kissed him back! So it’s mutual, right? RIGHT? She better not trick us with this kiss. We saw her kissing him back! So we can safely say the next episode is all about them two and their blossom love. *throws confetti* This is what we want! Let’s watch next episode now!


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