Wednesday Eu-Mak: Rainy Day…


Happy Wednesday! Hello from this wet, wet soil. It’s been raining all day yesterday. It was so dark I thought I should go back to bed and not be in the office working  on my piling reports. I wish I could duplicate myself so I can work, blog and watch drama. *sigh* I know you wish the same too, right? So because I’m so busy (I always said that, right?), this time for real the post will be extremely short. I promise you don’t have to hear me ranting about my daily life or my sore thigh or how hungry I am right now. *girls scout promise*

For this week’s post, I’m featuring two artists I never know off. They are Queen J and Humming Stone. Do  you know them? I don’t know them. But these two songs, Jururuk and These Days are so lovely. It fits the rainy day… Jururuk is a year old song and These Days is 6 days old. Love that the songs are slow in pace. The background music isn’t too strong and over powerful which is awesome because it allows us to focus on their strong vocal. I like the songs especially by Humming Stone. It feels so genuine, so honest, so raw.

I hope  you like the songs I picked for today. They are not over the top… A little change from your daily kpop, right? *beams* Enjoy and have a great weekend!


One thought on “Wednesday Eu-Mak: Rainy Day…

  1. It’s pretty rainy and grey today here as well. I’ve been listening to Epik High ft Younha’s “Umbrella” but these two songs you’ve picked also fit really well with the rainy mood. I feel so tired and slow today that I haven’t really gotten out of my bed yet, ha 🙂


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