It’s Okay, That’s Love: Psycho-Cap Episode 6


Hey everyone, today we are switching things up a bit and the opening comments are done by me Adgirl.  What a wild ride for episode 5. The ending…. WOW! passion, heat, I was holding my breath. *jaw open, hands over mouth while watching that moment over and over and over again* Can you imagine the passion in her, being she has never let it out in more than 30 yrs? Let the Wild tigress out, I say….. Oops my mind going to the gutter again. Must remain PG!

I love that so far with all the seriousness in the topics, the writers have found  tactful ways, to keep it a light hearted rom/com.

Well, I for one cannot wait to see the Tiger and Tigress get it on! Episode 6, BRING IT ON!!!!!!

Episode 6


Nikki:  So they decided to delight us with their passionate kiss at the beginning.  Makes you hope the whole ep will be all warm and fuzzy.

Missienelly: Well… She kissed her back! So the episode better be light and fluffy!

Adgirl: What deliriously, delicious way to open an episode. I for one am hoping for light hearted, deep passion for the rest. Bring on the NAUGHTY!!!! OOPS, there goes my gutter mind…… AGAIN. *snickers* 


Nikki:  Damn…there went that warm and fuzzy feeling right out the window.

Missienelly: Spoke too soon! Dayyyummmmmm… that’s number 32!

Adgirl: What!!!!!  I bet she is more mad at herself, than him. Yah, I want you bad. You won’t let me take control and move along like a snail.


Nikki: Oh Boy!!!  Yep, shortness of breath, heart racing….the perfect recipe that she has never experienced and he knows it.

Missienelly: *sweaty palms, short of breath* <<<<<< ME! I felt it *laughs*

Adgirl: Yep, I had the same reaction….. That was damn hot!!!!!!! She knows it is not her usual panic attacks. I love his reaction….. lets go get new dry clothes.


Nikki:  Of course he wants some Amytal….wonder if Doc will tell his Hyung that he is getting out?

Missienelly: His hyung? You mean his deongsaeng, Jae Yeol?

Adgirl: Make sure he knows, so he is on his toes and scared. I am coming for you…….


Missienelly: OMG I’m blacking out. All I can remember is his name – Dr. Uncle Joe! *laughs hysterically*

Adgirl: OMO! this is where we find out Hyung has been an abusive asshat  to Jae Yeol his entire life. I cannot believe the best friend wants to reunite them and defends Hyung. Leave his nasty a$$ in prison.

Missienelly: Aaaaah mad hyung!

Nikki:  But was it really his hyung or his dad beating him??  I thought it was the dad. 


Nikki:  I was glad to see her in something like this because all her clothes are made her look frumpish.  Esp what she had on prior to this.

Missienelly: *nods* I was judging her and her clothes since episode 1!

Adgirl: Your right, she does not “like” him. In her head she finishes with…”I am head over heels full of passion desire and love for you!” In his head, ” I feel the same way. I will make you see, I am no joke!” Every time she calls him a “player” I hear and think of Junsu’s Uncommitted. Especially with his reactions…. In case you never heard it, I thought I should add the link. That and I Iook for any reason to listen to him. 


Missienelly: The girl has some spunk, yo! She didn’t have to do anything… And he fell for ramen! Good lord have mercy on Giraffe-shi.

Adgirl: She wields some strong feminine power over him. He has no idea how to say N, and mean it.  I wonder what her the nature is though?

Missienelly: I wanna know too!

Nikki:  I hope she does not rope him in then do his dirty.


Missienelly: What is UP with her? Lighten up a bit!

Adgirl: I was thinking she has got to be bipolar or something. Then I realized her age… In 30’s and well….. (Minors skip to next comment)…. She just needs to get some. Oh and when Giraffe-ssi starts asking if Hae Soo was sexually forced…..” Uncle Joe says, “Jae Yeol would already be 6 feet under.”  Hahahaha that’s is one clue she loved it.

Missienelly: She’s saving her virginity!

Adgirl: I am all for waiting until marriage. I would never joke about someone who was. As her family says, that or religious orders are not her reasons.

Nikki:  Bottom Line:  She needs to get some!!


Missienelly: I’m so glad Uncle Joe can read her mind! Seriously… She needs a wake-up slap!

Adgirl: he has been treating her for so long he can see her true feelings. I am guessing there would be so much more to her reactions if there was nothing there. This is where I wish they would have let us see her panic attack. We could see her transformation and understand it better.

Nikki:  Nelly that is the closing episode pic 🙂  I am glad that he confronts her and makes her fess up to what she is really feeling.  She can answer without much hesitation too. 


Adgirl: Finally she admits she liked it and not just a little bit. I am glad she just does not know how to deal with these feelings and being honest with someone about it.

Missienelly: I know! It’s a… How do I say it? She is starting to like him yet denying it as well. So she is torn inside!

Nikki:  The look of a woman that is sexually frustrated…lol 


Missienelly: I’m glad that Giraffe-shi is inspired to get better… I want him to be better.

Adgirl: Giraffe-ssi Fighting!!!! So sweet.

Nikki:  I want him to have love so he can give love too.


Missienelly: Drop the ego and apologize to him! Urgh… *rolling eyes*

Adgirl: How about him lighting that candle for her? I understand now, she is in a situation she has no idea about. She is confused and has no idea what she should do. Missienelly, you are right start with apologies.

Missienelly: He’s been taking initiative all the time… She can’t see it! Her mind is cloudy!

Nikki:  I wonder what she is praying for at this point…Good sex, restraint, the ability to become a wild child…lol


Missienelly: Bahahahahaha he’s certainly feels right at home now!

Adgirl: In love his response…. If you change your mind and you want to pursue your feelings more, knock 3 times, or let my phone ring 3 times. I’ll be waiting *swoons* Partly thanks to Uncle Joe, and his blabber mouth I am sure. Hehehehe.

Nikki:  Interesting…his OCD lets him drink from the same cup as someone else…hmmm


Adgirl: What in all the earth is his Omma thinking. Even after the attempted murder and stabbing Jae Yeol. She still wants him to throw a party for his Hyung. She is a few crayons short of a box. I tell you. I know a true enabler.

Missienelly: Now is hyung her stepson? Or real son? I’m confused!

Adgirl: As am I. Then I think he is her son, and the bullied became the bully. He was getting beaten and had no way to let it out so beat his smaller younger brother.

Nikki:  I feel as though I missed something about the one doing the beating other than the dad.  *scratches head*


Missienelly: See… I thought it was his phone. And now I’m thinking, his note book? After last week’s episode, now I really want to see what’s caught on that CCTV!

Adgirl: We see in this flashback, he did pick up the knife. He was protecting his Hyung. I am not sure what fell out either. I was sure it was a phone, maybe a fake one, he uses for Kang Woo? Some how it will be revealed I am sure.

Nikki: Soooo…they put much emphasis on the CCTVs during this whole ordeal.


Missienelly: What a scene! I wonder what’s caught on the camera? Just Jae Yeol and his psycho moves? Oh boy… This could go badly for him!

Adgirl: This psychotic break immediately follows his mother asking for lavish party, and his Hyung’s release has me very worried. You are right , I can only imagine what is on the camera.

Nikki:  I wonder if his mom did stress him out and when stressed this is what happens


Nikki:  He really did use to beat them till close to death.

Missienelly: *coughs* Basterd! *coughs*

Adgirl: My theory now is…. Yes, JY grabbed the knife. However, from Hyung’s flashback, we know the stepfather tripped or was pushed and fell onto JY. I think it was their Omma, whom pushed the bastard into JY. We know Hyung, beat JY as bad as his stepfather did. She did not say anything in court, she technically did not lie. She was protecting Jae Yeol from his Hyung too.

Nikki:  I think he was pushed from the way the flashback looks.  Then again, they keep showing bits and pieces each ep so you can’t put it all together quite yet.


Missienelly: Did they just make fun of her? Did they?

Adgirl: Yes they did. More to let her know she should then for spiteful purposes.

Nikki:  Yes, they did and I loved it…lol


Adgirl: I love their teasing her. It really them all as one big family. The broken are whole in this household.

Missienelly: They sure are comfortable with each other! I mean look at Dr. Uncle! I’m in wuuvvvvv with his wacko humor!

Nikki:  True…I think all the broken pieces here do make a whole. 🙂 


Missienelly: Creepy… Seriously creepy!

Adgirl: No words. I do have a question. While they say, it is an abandoned area. Why would they not check the CCTV? Unless it is not working because it is an abandoned area.

Missienelly: Is the CCTV connected to the station? Two dumbass officers!

Nikki:  Yep, Mr Officers….we are just as confused as you are.  Why you no show us crazy Psycho Writer on camera acting a fool?? :/  I don’t think just because a house is abandoned that they cut off the CCTV.  They still have to have it for anything else that could happen in the area.


Adgirl: This entire scene was so moving. He is so open with her because, she accepts him. He knows she likes him, even after knowing he sleeps in the bathroom. He accepts she has to get past her own demons.

Missienelly: He let his guard down and allowed her to enter his space without even inviting her! She should know better now that he is sincere!

Nikki:  I was expecting him to flip his lid but yet he welcomed her in the softest of ways


Adgirl:  I am sure he was saying, you are not ready for more than this. If she would have stayed to comfort him more, he would not have said no.

Missienelly: I so wanted her to extend her hands and reach out to him. She must have been scared herself too…

Adgirl: I am sure she was and maybe thought her having a panic attack was not needed so she left.

Nikki:  I think she wanted to reach out but for some reason does not know where to start when it comes to his underlying issues because she hasn’t even scratched the surface with those.


Missienelly: I feel so bad for him… What a trauma.

Adgirl: I have no words for this moment. Just quiet sadness.

Nikki:  The reason I captured this was to capture him at peace.  Funny, we all have our own places that we like to find peace whether it is on a deck, at a lake, listening to the ocean etc and this place just happens to be his. 


Adgirl: Beginning to realize she is accepting she  has strong feelings and wants him in her life. Not just as friends. Love how the writers are showing their growth and change at this pace. It is not dragged out, yet not boom in your face changes.

Missienelly: Agree… Not dragging out at all. I can see how she is doubting herself and thinking if she’s doing the right thing. She’s getting curious and this is good!

Nikki:  I like how they show her confliction with her emotions and relationships in general


Adgirl: hahahahaha Giraffe-ssi taking on JY’s look. All this acceptance is good for JY, he loves being called Hyung. Being admired not as the author, but as a person.

Missienelly: Omo! They are at the same height!

Nikki:  I think Giraffe got him beat by a few if he stands up straight. 🙂


Adgirl: This entire picnic scene, melts my heart for JY even more. Look at him with the baby. He did not even flinch when Hae Soo’s, family was bickering. Hi five the Unni for finally telling her Omma what is up with Hae Soo, and that they saw her and Mr. Kim.

Missienelly: Him with the baby was kinda interesting… He certainly was very comfortable with her family. He understand that this is how family works…

Nikki:  I like how he was comfortable with everyone.  This is something he has always wanted I am sure.  So glad that their mom knows the truth behind their attitude towards her.


Adgirl: A real moment, with no defence up. Love the song he played for her. His saying the girl with happy life I boring, is his in between the  lines of, you will keep it fun and interesting.

Missienelly: Look at her… She’s happy!

Nikki:  Yep, I think the happiest we have seen her so far 


Missienelly: OMG this is scary. Get this away from me!

Adgirl: For Jae Yeol and his brother that would be like opening Pandora’s box. The brain does things to protect us. I do not think we use it here in North America for treatment.

Nikki:  The brain protects us for a reason.  I don’t need to disturb pandora’s box in no shape, form, or fashion.


 Adgirl: This is one of those moments, I want to throttle Uncle Joe…… WTF was he thinking?

Missienelly: I literally screamed on top of my lung! Uncle Joe should have know better of how dangerous this sucker is!

Nikki:  I am trying to figure out if he did it on purpose since he knows who he wants to use it on.  Maybe this was his way of not really getting involved but actually getting involved.


Missienelly: Gosh, so excited for these two! She finally accepted her love feeling towards him!

Adgirl: He is like a little boy on Christmas morning, he is so happy and excited. I love it. She is like that teen age who just confessed to her secret crush. Its a SSSQQQUUUEEEETASTIC moment!!!!!!

Nikki:  I think I smiled during this whole interaction. 😀


Missienelly: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Oh my god, why can’t he fight back??? He’s physically taller than his brother! Urgh…

Adgirl: I freakin’ hope she sees him! I have no idea how he is going to move the body unseen by her, or anyone else for that matter?As for your question ^^Missienelly,  I think like most victims of abuse he cannot fight back, when it comes to the abuser. Look at his reaction in episode 1 when Hyung stabbed him. He seems to not be able to do anything but love him. Now to wait to watch episode 7

Nikki:  I already don’t like needles…this about made me pass out.  I was thinking the same Nelly but when you think about it…he is used to not fighting back and just taking it.  I am trying to figure out if anyone will see him or if his hyung will call the doc and tell him what happened and then tell him to ask him questions. I guess we shall see….Till next time

As Nikki said, till next time so we can see what the hell is going on with these two brothers! We are so worried of what would happened on the next episode. Did she see him? What will become of Jae Yeol? Will the magic Amytal do its magic on him? Are there such secrets that Jae Yeol is not telling us? Oy… we can’t wait for the next episode now. Can Wednesday be here already?


What do you think?

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